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7 Snacks That Won’t Spoil Dinner

by admin

7 Snacks That Won’t Spoil Dinner

Stave off “when’s dinner?!” whining with these nutritious treats

Snacks That Won’t Spoil Dinner

Kids are usually complaining about empty tummies at the same time you are busy preparing dinner — toss them one of these no-prep snacks that will satisfy (not spoil!) their appetite.

Rolls That Rock

There’s one serving of
organic fruit smushed into this roll-up, but your kid will only notice that it’s fun to eat (well, and good, too). (FruitaBu Rolls, $4)

A match made in your crazy-busy heaven: protein-rich peanut butter slathered on a crisp, fiber-packed apple.

Anytime Nosh
These satisfying bites—fortified with vitamins, fiber and minerals—will stave off before-dinner grumbles. (Barbara's Bakery Organic Wild Puffs in Fruit Medley, $4.50)

Three-Way Tide

Cheese sticks always make a great nibble; these are packed with brain-boosting, heart-healthy omega-3’s. (Sorrento Plus Omega 3 String Cheese, $4)

Hannah Rules

Who better to entice your kids to eat a healthy treat than guitar-wielding pop star Hannah Montana? (Breyers Disney Yogurt, $3)

Play Dress-Up

Nothing’s easier than serving these ready-to-grab babies. (Earthbound Farm Organic Carrot Dippers, $3)


If you can’t get them to drink milk with dinner, switch to the organic chocolate stuff beforehand. (Horizon Organic, $1.50)