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17 Spring Cakes Your Kids Will Love

by Karen Tack

17 Spring Cakes Your Kids Will Love

Usher in springtime with these easy-to-make recipes for birthday and Easter cakes for kids

Bunny Face Cupcakes
Babies + bunnies = we can’t take this much cute! These bunny cupcakes will be a sure hit, especially for a spring-themed gathering.

Make the Bunny Faces Cupcakes

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Bird’s Nest Cupcakes
Sweet, chirping baby birds are a sign of spring and new beginnings. Plus, there's no messy cake-cutting here; just pile on toasted coconut to create a nest, add a dollop of frosting for the baby bird and serve them individually.

Make the Bird's Nest Cupcakes

Umbrella Cake
Spring showers bring flowers! This bright and bold cake would be super-fun for a rainy day.

Make the Umbrella Cake

Lamb Cake
This sweet little lamb cake will have everyone "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing. While it looks impressive, all it takes is a store-bought pound cake, some canned frosting and marshmallows!

Make the Lamb Cake

Flower Bouquet Cake
This elegant cake can rival the best blooms in the garden. Marshmallow halves rolled in colored sugar make brightly-colored petals pop.

Make the Flower Bouquet Cake

Hot Air Balloon Cake
Your adventurous kiddo will dream of circling the world in 80 days with this hot air balloon cake.

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Bunny Birthday Cake
Make your kid's next birthday a "hoppy" one with this sweet pink bunny cake.

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Frog Cupcakes
Go greenliterally—for your kids' next birthday with these fun frog cupcakes.

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Birdhouse Cake
Your little bird-watcher-in-training will sing for this "tweet" cake.

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Golf Course Cake
Your pint-sized putter will love this easy cake — par none.

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Baseball Mitt Cake
Score a home run for your baseball fan with this catcher's mitt cake.

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Butterfly Birthday Cake
This gumdrop-topped butterfly will set little hearts aflutter.

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Ladybug Cupcakes
Cupcake ladybugs bring just as much good luck as the kind you find in the garden.

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Spider Cupcakes
Who could be afraid of these sweet, chocolate crawlers?

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Pretty Sunflower Cupcake Bouquet
This pretty sunflower cupcake bouquet will amaze your guests and are a yummy Spring treat.

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Sunny Summer Cupcakes
These sunny summer cupcakes of yummy vanilla cake mix and colorful gumdrops are perfect for summer parties.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cupcakes
Yummy, colorful cupcakes that are the perfect treat for your child's next birthday party.

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