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Summer Finger Food Fun

by Stephanie Wood

Summer Finger Food Fun

Finger food inspiration that’s pesticide- and hormone-free

Sick of serving O-shaped cereal and banana slices to your tot? Head to your local farmers market (find one near you at for finger-food inspiration that’s also likely to be pesticide- and hormone-free. Sara Snow, host of Get Fresh With Sara Snow, on the Discovery networks, offers ways to take advantage of the season’s best (and healthiest) produce.

Peaches ‘n’ cheese Dice fresh, very ripe peaches and let your tot dip them in cottage cheese. (Consider going organic with dairy products, simply because tots eat so much of them.)
Carrot swords with hummus Slice boiled carrots into thin strips about the length of your pinkie finger, and serve with the premade chickpea dip.
Fire sticks Dip thinly sliced red- or yellow-pepper strips in ranch dressing. (Hey, you can try!)
Melon bites with yogurt dip Diced watermelon and cantaloupe go perfectly with plain or vanilla yogurt.
Blueberry pizza Spread a whole-grain mini-waffle with cream cheese and top with halved blueberries.
Insalata caprese Quarter cherry tomatoes and mix with diced fresh mozzarella.