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Tea Time Treats

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Tea Time Treats

These tea flavored cookies, pudding, and treats can make a tea break your favorite snack of the day.

For a delicious twist on tea time, try one of these flavorful treats.

Raise the Bar

To be expected in an energy bar: nine grams of protein and three of fiber. The bonus here: a delectable chai flavor. (Luna Bar in Chai Tea, $1.39)

Beary Yummy

Flavored with pomegranate and white tea, these gummies are sophisticated cousins to the ones melting in your kid’s pocket. (Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas, $3.99 for four ounces)

Green Gobblin’

Crumbly and flavorful, these could be your grandma’s — if good old Nana was up on the
benefits of green tea, that is. (Emily’s Green Tea Cookies, $2.75)

Tea Kozy

A classic kid dessert grows up, adding not one but two mom-luring tea flavors. (Kozy Shack Green Tea Chai Pudding, $3.59 for four)

Soy? Joy!

This packs 15 calories from fat, unlike the 70 found in that other cold stuff. (Yeah, ice cream, we’re talking to you.) (Turtle Mountain It’s Soy Delicious in Green Tea, $3.69 for a pint)

Tea and Biscuits

This shortbread is tall on taste. Find it in Earl Grey, mint, and other varieties. (Biscottea cookies, $1.99 for two)

Choc Full

These chocolate bars are infused with one of eight teas, including Rooibos and chamomile. (The Tea Room Chocolate, $3.35)