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Touchdown Treats: Cute Football-Shaped Foods Your Kids Will Love

by Editors

Touchdown Treats: Cute Football-Shaped Foods Your Kids Will Love

Looking for the Hail Mary of game day eats? These cute football-shaped foods will help you score points with the whole family.



Go Big or Go Blondie


When serving a dessert, it doesn’t get better than peanut butter blondies. There will be no returns with these baked goods.


Touchdown Taco Dip


Level the playing field with this taco dip and football-shaped chips. Your guests will be impressed with this unique and delicious appetizer that features guacamole as the turf and sour cream as the field markers.



Brownies in a Snap


What is a party without brownies? These football brownie bites are quick and easy to make and are the perfect treat for game day.


Crackback Cheese Block


Pass the cheese, please. A pepperoni pizza cheeseball is a must-have appetizer for any game day.


Berry Cute Footballs


Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a genius football-inspired food. Simply pipe on some white icing and you’re ready to play.


Shovel Cracker Bites


Shovel these delicious sausage and cheese crackers into your mouth as the quarterback makes a shovel pass.


Cupcake Side, Strong Side


Cupcakes are a party staple. Simply turn your chocolate cupcakes into footballs with some squiggly brown frosting and white piping to make the laces. Touchdown!


Watermelon Blitz


Okay, so technically, this isn’t a football-shaped food per se, but the cuteness of this watermelon football helmet is out of bounds and had to be shared. It’s a healthy and refreshing snack option, too.


Flea Flicker Fruit Bars


Looking for a simple and cute food to serve? These football-shaped Matcha Fruit Bars are a fair catch.


Whoop Whoop!


“Whoopie!” isn’t just something you’ll shout when your team scores; whoopie pies are also adorable football-shaped confections!