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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Tuna Recipes

by Holly Kapherr

Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Tuna Recipes

This tuna pasta recipe is a new take on casserole for dinner. Use leftovers for a cheesy tuna melt for lunch.

Consider your tuna-noodle casserole obselete. Combine orecchiete pasta (the shallow shells named for the Italian word for "ears") with lemon, dill, peas and tuna for a bright main dish that might shelf that glass baking dish forever. The recipe yields enough for a crowd, making it a perfect option for potlucks.

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Sneak carrots and celery into tuna salad on a whole wheat English muffin for lunch the next day. Broil the cheese in the morning before school so it's melted or just lay a slice on top — either way, the sandwich is mighty tasty for sealegs and land lubbers alike. We also love the use of plain yogurt instead of mayo (or as a partial substitution) to bring up the nutrition and take down the saturated fat.

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