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Undercover Veggies

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Undercover Veggies

These snacks all have one thing in common — they’re made of veggies. (But they’re so yummy your kid might not notice.) Plus, get healthy eating tips, exercise ideas, and more ways to shape up with Parenting’s Fit Generation 2011!

Inside this snack round-up: Spinach noodles and red pepper crisps. Who knew pasta and crackers were prime opportunities to sneak veggies into your tot?


Green peas are transformed into airy crisps with a touch of salt. (Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, $2.98)

All Ears

For older tots, “crunch dried” corn kernels are gems best eaten by the handful, kinda like M&M’s. (Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Sweet Corn, $1.89)

Bite Delight

Carrots, onions, and red peppers add a kick to these crisps. (Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps in Vegetable, $3.99)

Use Your Noodle

Would your kid ask for seconds of spinach? Didn’t think so. But he might just polish off these spaghetti noodles fortified with it. [Insert evil mommy laugh here.] (De Cecco No. 12 Spaghetti with Spinach, $4.49)

Spin Doctor

Don’t tell: The colors in this screwy pasta come from spinach and tomato. (De Cecco No. 34 Fusilli d’Italia, $3.99)