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10 Babies Making Funny Faces

  • “Wassaaaaa”

    Noah, 6 months, Yuma, AZ

  • Cute sunglasses! She sure knows how to pick ’em.

    Ellie Grace, 5 months, Pelham, GA

  • “I’m gonna…sneeze…right…now…”

    Rebecca, 15 days, Brooklyn, NY

  • “He does exist!”

    Emilia, 10 months, Olney, MD

  • He’s getting an early start on perfecting his “grumpy old man” face.

    Parker, 10 Months, Olney, IL

  • “Fur real, Mom, another photo?”

    Aubree, 2 months, Lisle, IL

  • “Oh yeah…that’s snuggly.”

    Remy, newborn, San Pedro, CA

  • “ABC’s. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Same tune? Whoa...”

    Henry, 3 months, Bethlehem, PA

  • “You’ve got a problem with my penguin, you’ve got a problem with me.”

    Braden, 8 months, Mesa, AZ 

  • “Dude, my faux-hawk is awesome!”

    Josiah Richardson Collens IV, 6 months, Essex, MA