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10 Superpowers of Pregnant Women

  • Darrenstone on Flickr (CC Licensed)

    Body Part Substitution- Ability to take on the limbs of another.

    One thing we love about pregnancy: bigger, more beautiful boobs. Where'd they come from? Who cares? Gotta love that Pam Anderson cleavage.


    Photo by Flickr user Darrenstone, Creative Commons

  • Innate Capability- Naturally possessing knowledge and skills that typically must be taught.
    Your grandma did it. Your mama did it. And now it's your turn to be pregnant. And guess what? You somehow just... know what to do. Some call it motherly instinct, but it's a superpower if we've ever heard of one.

  • Sonic Scream- Producing high-decibel sounds that humans typically do not possess.
    Labor screams are unlike scary- movie-screams or dropping-jars-on-your-foot screams . These things can move mountains.

    Photo by flickr user Mhalon

  • Mediumship- Communicating with ghosts or beings in the supernatural world.
    Perhaps you aren't communicating with a ghost, but the little growing creature inside you sometimes feels like an alien inhabiting your body. And with all the kicking and flipping, you know he's trying to tell you something.

    Photo by Flickr user Abbynormy, Creative Commons

  • Animal Mimicry- Taking on the characteristics of animals.
    Mama alligators carry their babies in their mouths to protect them from predators, and sea otters wrap their babies in seaweed so they won't float away. As a human mama, you'll do all that and way more (things much scarier - like volunteering to take first graders to the museum). You also have been picking up traits of bears or other hibernating animals, hoarding and organizing things in preparation for the big day.

    Photo by Flickr user Mikebaird, creative commons

  • Duplication- Ability to create copies of oneself.
    Chances are, she's going to have your hair, or your eyes, or your affinity toward the color pink. But when she starts to develop that sarcastic sense of humor, don't get too mad at her. She got it from you.

    Photo by Flickr user Orangeacid, Creative Commons

  • Precognition- Ability to know exactly what will happen through dreams or inherent wisdom.
    Everyone says it's going to be a boy. So what if you're carrying low and out front? You know it's going to be a girl. (And you're probably right.)

  • Summoning- Ability to call upon the assistance of others.
    Use pregnancy to your advantage by getting your husband to carry the laundry basket upstairs, wash dishes, etc. Hey -- you're carrying a baby, you can't be expected to do everything.

  • Matter Consumption- Ability to eat or take in anything without negative physical or mental effects.
    Suddenly, you can eat three pints of ice cream and the entire double cheese pizza. And when you're done, you're ready for dessert.

  • Biological Manipulation- Having power over the biological aspects of another being.
    As a pregnant woman, you have biological control over a very important being - the one inside you. Eat your veggies and your baby will get stronger; listen to Beethoven and you might find yourself with a music lover.