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12 Hot Outdoor Toys

  • kids outdoor toys plasmacar

    PlasmaCar Kid’s Vehicle

    Some kids just have a need for speed. Feed it with the PlaSmart PlasmaCar, a race car for kids completely free of pedals, gears, and batteries. Easy to operate, your child simply turns the steering wheel back and forth to propel it forward. On a flat, smooth surface, it moves at an exhilarating but worry-free 6 mph. Though an excellent outdoor toy for toddlers and young children, the PlasmaCar can support up to 120 pounds, so it's no problem if big sibs take a spin. ($49,


  • kids outdoor toys gardening set

    Gardening Set

    Want your budding gardener to blossom? Get your toddler their very own garden tool belt set. Complete with child-size tools including gardening gloves, a trowel, watering can, and plant pot, the belt also has a roomy pocket for additional supplies. Invite them outside to help you tend the vegetable garden or flower beds.  This five-piece set is not only a great toy for your toddler, it will also plant memories of quality time in the garden. In the off season, your mini gardener can still use the set indoors for imaginative play. ($15,

  • kids outdoor toys can toss

    Can Toss Game

    Bring the carnival straight to your backyard with this Carnival Can Toss game. Whether you’re planning a carnival-themed birthday party or just need a reason to get the kids outside, this game is sure to be a winner. The best part is that kids of all ages can join in on the game. Just move the line kids throw the bean bag from farther away from the target the older they get. ($13,


  • kids outdoor toys digital camera

    Kid-Friendly Digital Camera

    This digital camera was made with kids in mind. With the protective shell and anti-drop design, this camera can withstand playtime both outdoors and in. Try bringing it on your next outing as a family, then challenge kids to a scavenger hunt. Every time they find an item on the list they need to take a picture of it. Everyone in the family will enjoy the time spent together, and for even more fun you can reward kids with a treat afterward. ($54,

  • kid outdoor toys gymnic horse

    Gymnic Rody Horse

    For toddlers who need help developing balance, movement, and coordination skills, or who just need to burn some extra energy, the Gymnic Rody Horse will become their favorite summer toy. This blow-up toy is easy to set up and provides endless fun for toddlers and small children. Take the bouncy toy outside for your child to play on the soft grass, just in case there’s a tumble. Otherwise, use pillows to cushion indoor play. ($50,

  • kids outdoor toys water gun

    Super Soaker Water Gun

    Keep cool during the summer with this Super Soaker water gun. In the summer heat kids will love chasing each other with these super soakers. Try coordinating a game of water tag, which is similar to tag except in order to become “it” you must be tagged by water instead of hands. ($51,

  • kids outdoor toys speedminton

    Speedminton Game


    A game that kids and adults can play anytime and anywhere, Speedminton is a cross between tennis and badminton. This game is made to be played over short distances without nets or rules, making it the perfect toy for a backyard barbecue or the beach. ($30,

  • kids outdoor toys water blaster

    Max Liquidator Water Blaster


    The Max Liquidator is one of the best outdoor toys for kids 4 and up. They may look like ordinary pool noodles, but the genius design allows kids to launch sneak attacks. These water blasters float and can shoot water from 20 feet away. You’ll want to have these in your summer toy arsenal for your next pool party or birthday celebration. ($20,

  • kids outdoor toys bungee jumper

    Monkey Business Bungee Jumper

    If it seems like your child is constantly bouncing off the walls, send them outside with this pogo bouncer to release all that extra energy. Safer and lighter than a pogo stick, this foam bouncer has a tethered handle making it so the harder you jump the higher you go. (Recommended for kids 5 and up.) ($30,

  • kids outdoor toys toypedo

    Swimways Toypedo Bandits

    The Toypedo Bandits are the ultimate pool toy. They glide underwater up to 20 feet so your kids can practice diving or work on their swim speed by chasing after the toys. With four bandits in each package kids will enjoy hours of fun with these swimming toys. ($5,


  • kids outdoor toys jump rope

    Jump Rope

    This classic outdoor game is fun for all ages, and as an added bonus this particular jump rope is made out of recycled materials. Look up different jump roping rhymes and head outside together. Sing the rhymes and see who can jump rope for the longest amount of time. Making memories doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair as long as you’re having fun! ($11,

  • kids outdoor toys baseball

    Speed Sensor Baseball

    If you have a sports all-star on your hands, this speed sensor baseball is sure to be a hit in your family. Whether your kids are organizing a game of backyard baseball or just playing catch while burgers are on the grill, this baseball will delight the kids as they learn just how fast they can pitch. ($25,