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12 Pregnancy Must-Haves

  • When you're expecting, there are tons of things you need to shop for -- clothes, bottles, furniture -- those little babies require plenty of stuff! But what about you? With a growing belly come swollen feet, nausea, and cravings for mac 'n cheese. Here's a list of stuff for you when you're pregnant -- a pregnant girl's necessary items!

    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe Dinner (Pack of 12), $30
    "I would have died without Kraft Deluxe mac 'n cheese!" --Debbie Skolnik, Parenting editor
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  • "Find a pleasant scent that you like to sniff when you're feeling nauseous. For me, it was a citrusy cologne, like 4711." --Debbie Skolnik, Parenting editor

    4711 by Muelhens, $35
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  • "When you first start showing, maternity pants are too big and your regular pants are too tight. Slip on the Bella Band, and you can leave your pants unbuttoned and no one knows!" --Jessica Dukes, editor

    Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday BellaBand, $25
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  • Your gums can get sensitive during pregnancy but it's more important than ever that you keep flossing. Try a very gentle dental floss, like Reach Ultraclean.

    Reach Ultraclean Dental Floss, $5
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  • You're going to spend a lot of time in your OB's waiting room, especially toward the end as your checkups are more frequent. You might as well pass the time rocking out or watching movies on your iPod. You can buy them used on for really affordable prices.

    iPod nano 4 GB, $54 and up
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    Heartburn may accompany your pregnancy, particularly during the last months, and you'll want to be prepared with lots of Tums.

    Tums Antacid/Calcium Supplement, $5.25
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  • Like you need an excuse to buy a pound of dum-dums. (No really -- lollipops are helpful in easing nausea.)

    Dum Dum Pops, $6
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  • Your belly skin might get itchy as it stretches, so investing in a really good lotion is worth it. This one promises to prevent and treat stretch marks. Bonus -- it's totally organic and safe during pregnancy.

    Mambino Organics Oh Baby! Belly Butter, $30
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  • "Get some really big comfortable shoes or sandals. The weather of the last three months of my pregnancy was very hot and my feet blew up." --Ann Sackrider, Parenting editor

    Naturalizer Women's Coolio Sporty Mule, $28
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  • A body pillow will help you at night when you start getting so big that it's tough to get a comfortable night's sleep.

    Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, $42.99
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  • Pregnant women shouldn't have to carry groceries! Instead of hoping to rely on a good samaritan (or your toddler) to hoist heavy items into your cart, into your car, and into your house, treat yourself to a few months of a grocery delivery service like

    $9.95 for a $75 and up order ($14.95 for orders less than $75)
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  • "Stock up on chocolate -- it's a great pick me up!" --Linda Rodgers, Parenting editor

    Hershey's Milk Chocolate 36 Bars, $26
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