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27 Mom Tattoos


    "The buffalo skull came first ('94), in honor of my Indian relatives. Then, when I moved home from Japan, I got the kanji ('97). It means "older sister." (My best friends and I all have the same ink in the same spot.) I got the hibiscus for my husband after we got married ('05). Not only does his family live in the Caribbean, but it's our goal to live there someday, too."

    -Jessica, mom of Alanna, 2

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  • Rosa

    "I am a 31 year old mother of two beautiful boys ages 5 and 3. I have always LOVED tattoos since I was in Junior high school. As soon as I turned 18, I went out to the first tattoo shop that had time for me, and got a tribal armband that was popular at that time.

    Well, years passed, and I started learning more and more about great tattoos! And as I looked at my armband, I started to hate it more and more! So, when I finally was able to save up some money to cover up that 'eye sore' of a tattoo I wanted to cover it up with something full of color! Also, I wanted something that I would LOVE to look at for years to come! So my sleeve is of Plumerias (which is my cultures favorite flower to wear in their hair or behind their ear, and I just think this flower is so simple yet beautiful) floating in the ocean. The ocean represents the fact that I love the water, and that the ocean surrounds the islands Samoa and New Zealand where I come from.

    I always love to see other Inked Mommas!"

    -Rosa, Washington, reader

  • "This is my son named Sailor, and I feel it is very important for him to know that tattoos are normal for mamas."

    -Heather, California, reader

  • Cheryl Marzec

    Cheryl, getting a hug from niece, Ava


    "This is a picture of both of my tattoos—the star is the first tattoo I got, kind of plain, but the wings are my favorite. The initials are my sons'—IMHT, Ian Mark Hampton Tilson, and HAT, Hayden Alexander Tilson."

    -Danielle, North Carolina, reader

  • Heather, GA

    "I'd like to say the stars have meaning, but I got them because I like what stars represent. They are always associated with something great or amazing, whether it be the cosmos, the American Flag, or just a good job for going pee-pee in the potty."

    -Heather, Georgia, reader

  • "The flowers are my girls, Sasha and Vivian. I got it when they were toddlers. Two peonies, my favorite flowers, twins, but different, growing up on the same vine."

    -Stephanie, mom of Sasha and Vivian

  • "I have a number of tattoos, but this is the one that people ask about the most. Adults invariably speculate about its meaning, or ask 'Is that some kind of a fish-cat-panther-mermaid?' Kids, however, always say, without batting an eye, 'Hey, it's a catfish.' I didn't actually have an idea about what it is when I got it (I was 18), but I'm going to go with catfish."

    -Taylor, Digital Content Manager for

  • "I used to work next to an open field by a resevoir, and the day that I learned I was pregnant I got out of my car and saw a swarm of something just a few feet from the ground. It was the most amazing sight! As I got closer and found that it was what seemed to be millions of baby dragon flies. Now, whenever I see one, I think of that day and how simply incredible it was to see, and I feel new life the way that I did."

    -Vanessa, California, reader

  • Dawn, mom of new baby boy Vittorio Michael

  • "This is the only tattoo I have, and I am so proud of it. As you can see, it is not like most, having no black ink in it whatsoever. People actually think it is a wash off since the colors are so fun and vibrant. It means 'with peace, comes love and harmony amongst all creatures.'"

    -De'Serae, Virginia, reader

  • "This tattoo is my son's actual handprint with his name."

    -Heather, Georgia, reader

  • "I wanted something big on the back of my neck, and wanted to show that I'm Christian so I went with this. The artist drew it up for me and viola!"

    -Caryn, Tennessee, reader

  • "My tattoo says 'happily ever after.' I got this for my son, because first off, I'm a huge fan of Disney and happy endings, and well, Landin is my prince charming, hence the crown!"

    -Lindsay, reader

  • "My tattoo was done just 3 years ago when I turned 18, although I had planned it for a year. It is of three forget-me-not flowers. They are in honor of three friends of mine that passed away in high school: Grant Ringenberg, Jerel Hudson and Michael Roach. The blossoming bud is a symbol of their new eternal lives and the ribbon holds all of them together.

    My next tattoo will be on my ribs and they will be of my son's footprints, the size they were at birth, with some other details behind them. I haven't quite finished the design yet. I'll be sure to send in pictures of that one as well!"

    -Erika, North Carolina, reader

  • "I absolutly love being a inked-up mom. I have 27 tattoos so far, and I'm the mother of two teenage daughters and an almost 1-year-old son. I love seeing other moms with ink."

    -Jenn, New Jersey, reader

  • "My tattoo is a Carnation with both of my daughter's names above and below it. Why a carnation? Because January was the month that they were born, and the carnation is the flower for that month. My oldest daughter, Desiree, 2 1/2 was born on January 24, and my youngest, Shyann, 7 months, was born on January 8. I got the tattoo with just Desiree's name when she was 1 month old, and since added Shyann's name just a couple months ago!"

    -Debbie, California, reader

  • "I got the tattoo in Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. The large blue star is a symbol for my grandmother who passed away when I was 14. We were very close so I wanted to honor her. The smaller pink star is for my daughter, Haley. I plan on getting two more stars, a red one for my husband and a smaller star for our second child."

    -Rachel, Missouri, reader

  • Parenting

    "This tattoo says 'Omnia Causa Fiunt,' which means everything happens for a reason in Latin. I came up with the idea after going through some family issues, and I pulled through it with my head held high."

    -Jamie, Pennsylvania, reader

  • -Cara, reader

  • "This tattoo means a lot to me—probably my favorite out of the four that I have. The two little feet are for my sons ages 4 and 2, and the star is a nautical star for my Daddy, who was in the Navy and a Vietnam vet. He passed away the day before I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son. And to add to that, my youngest son was born on my Daddy's birthday!"

    -Lee Ann, Mississippi, reader

  • "Here is a photo of one of four of my tattoos. This particular one is on my ankle and is a wrap-around. It has my oldest sons initials, VVV, through the rose vine. He is my first born of 5 children. I have many more tats to get as well! I love tattoos."

    -Katrina, Florida, reader

  • "This is of my oldest daughters initials—Lyndsie Nikole. She got to pick out the color of the star because it is her favorite. I'm going to get my others daughters initials on my other hip, too. I figure that if I've got the stretch marks for them, I might as well show it off!"

    -Kailene, reader

  • "This is my third tattoo, but also my most meaningful. The stencil that was used for this tattoo is a duplicate copy of my first baby's footprint from the delivery room. She is 17 months old now. Not only has she left footprints on my heart, now she's got one on my foot as well!" reader

  • "This is on my lower back and it represents the two miscarriages I had, and the spiritual travel of the souls to our Lord in Heaven."

    -RaeAnn, reader

  • "This is one of my tattoos—and my most important one at that. It's my daughters initials: NR, Nayeli Rose."

    -Sarah, California, reader

  • -Lindsay, Pennsylvania, reader and mom of Jack, 3, and Kate, 7 months

  • -Tisha