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31 Ways Moms Can Indulge

  • 1
    Make what you want tonight. (Hey, if the kids don't like it, there's always cereal.)

  • 2
    While your children are at school, spend a couple of hours lingering in some non-kid-friendly stores, like your favorite art gallery, fancy clothing boutique, or antique shop.

  • 3
    If it's a chilly evening, toss your pj's briefly in the dryer before you put them on.

  • 4
    Get a wash and a blowout. Choose a non-rainy day, snag some good dry shampoo, and you can make your salon-fab look last four to five days!

  • 5
    Pay for an extra hour of daycare after work, then hit the gym or take a nice evening walk with a good friend.

  • 6
    Have your legs waxed. A three-week vacay from your razor? Sweet!

  • 7
    Get up a little early, make yourself a latte, and surf the web in complete silence.

  • 8
    Buy yourself something fun with that Barnes & Noble or GAP gift card your kid's pal gave him for his birthday -- he'll never miss it!

  • 9 Mother's Day
    Treat yourself! Spiff up with one of OPI's new hues, such as Dim Sum Plum or Red My Fortune Cookie. ($8.50 each; at drugstores nationwide)

  • 10
    Ask your Facebook friends to share their favorite memories of you (promise to return the favor). Bask in all the great, funny things you've done.

    Instead of spending a weekend morning slaving over laundry, drop off five days' worth at the laundromat. It's a cheap thrill that'll probably cost less than $30.

  • 12
    Have your favorite broken piece of jewelry repaired, even if it's just a costume pin.

  • 13
    Plant a few perennial flowers in front of your bedroom window. You'll get to enjoy them for years to come.

  • 14
    Throw away all orphan socks in your drawer, and then give every dingy bra the boot, too. You'll feel so relieved!

  • 15
    Buy yourself a really great umbrella -- not one of those $5 drugstore deals. The prettier, the better!

  • 16
    Treat yourself! Xan Confections Saintly Sins chocolates live up to their name: Each one's filled with fruit puree, and only 29 calories! ($9.99 for a five-piece box;

  • 17
    Haul your spare change to your grocery store's Coinstar machine for an gift certificate.

  • 18
    Go to the International Star Registry (, from $65) and name a star after yourself.

  • 19
    Ask your husband to take the kids out for breakfast so you can spend the time catching up on a couple of shows you DVR'd but haven't had a chance to watch.

  • 20
    Treat yourself! Put a flower on your finger with this light-green beauty from T.J. Maxx. ($34.99; at T.J.Maxx stores nationwide)

  • 21
    Make an evening phone date with a long-distance friend. Enjoy a glass of wine while you spend a couple of hours gabbing.

  • 22
    Treat yourself! Each of these beauties from Sisco Family Jewels is made with real lapis or amethyst beads. ($88 each;

  • 23
    Treat yourself! Veuve Clicquot Ros¿'s limited-edition bottle comes with a Sakura ice jacket to keep it cool. ($60; at wine stores nationwide)

  • 24
    Hire a handyman for a day to tackle all the minor home repairs you've been bugging your partner to do.

  • 25
    Take a half day off from work and catch an afternoon chick-flick matinee.

  • 26
    Treat yourself! This pea-utiful necklace is made with up to four freshwater pearls to represent your kids. ($78 to $108;

    Delegate one chore permanently and irrevocably to Dad, like signing up the kids for sports teams or emptying the lint trap in the dryer. Know that you will never, ever do it again (and let him know it, too).

  • 28
    Go for a massage. What could be more empowering than saying, "I want a full half hour spent on my neck."

  • 29
    Treat yourself! For $19.95, will have a celeb hottie give you a buzz for 30 seconds.

  • 30
    Upgrade to 500-thread-count sheets.

  • 31
    Get a mini-makeover at your favorite department-store's beauty counter: You may have to buy a product or two, but it's a small price to pay for a cool new look.