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5 Active Indoor Games

  • Weplay's Rocking Seesaw will keep them on board. Better than a traditional wooden balance board, this racy red plastic version won't splinter and has gripper pads for safe rockin' and rollin', no shoes required! ($44.64;

    Ask a kid

    What do you do if you're bored? Ask Mom if I can go over to a friend's house. If it's raining? Play Pet Vet 3D on my computer. What do you like about this toy? You could pretend you're surfing. -- Ava, 6, tester

  • Space is tight? This mini-Foosball Table easily fits on a coffee table and folds in half for trouble-free transport to Grandma's or a buddy's. And it's made of heavy-duty wood, plastic, and metal. ($59;

  • The Speed Stacks StackPack ratchets up the fun of cup stacking (yes, there's an official term for what your kid does with the Dixie cups) with a playing mat, timer, and glow-in-the-dark cups. ($59.95;

  • Boochie players roll out the target, then try to hit it with balls and hoops. The wrist trackers keep score and give new throwing challenges every round (toss between your legs!). ($34.99;

  • Your kids normally: fighting. With Active Edge Easy Catch: working together, coordinating their launching and catching to keep the foam (i.e., living-room-friendly) balls airborne. ($28.99;