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5 Fantasy Costume Accessories

  • Both the unicorn and the dragon are complete one-piece dress-ups, with hoods, wings, and tails. And although they're made of silk, they're machine-washable. ($44.95 each;

  • This authentically designed astronaut helmet lets future space explorers hear a realistic countdown and commands from mission control. Plus, it's lighter than it looks, so it'll be comfortable. ($48;

  • The ultimate accessories for fairy wannabes, Tinker Bell and Silvermist wings are loaded with sparkle and shimmer. ($19.50 each; Disney Stores). A Magical Pet dragon wand tops it off. ($13;

  • Hidden beanbags add weight to help kids with sensory issues feel more balanced and focused. But the realistic look of the fireman and police duds is the draw. ($40 each, beanbag set, $20;

  • We think one of these beauts from The Pamela Company should be standard issue for every little dress-up diva. (From top: Classic Ballerina, $34, Rainbow Ribbons, $26, Full of Petals, $34, Daisy, $39; 800-288-7424)