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5 Gray-Day Boredom Busters

  • With its intricate, high-tech construction, the Struxx Robotrixx will keep your kid occupied all afternoon. It's got motion and light sensors, so he can see his masterpiece roar to life. (Megabloks, $60;

  • It sure beats a box! Kids will love building and decorating these blank cardboard structures, like boats, pirate fortresses, and more. (Calafant, $25 for castle shown;

  • Repeat or You're Obsolete moves fast, but everyone will get into fun challenges, like making silly noises or creating stories. Remember all the tasks to win! (Innovative Games, $20;

  • We know, we know: organic play dough? Yes, it's eco-friendly, but that's just a bonus. It's the unique colors and fun tools that'll engage your kid. (Clementine Art, $38;

  • Our testers spent hours with Magician's Apprentice Coin Tricks Unrolled, a top-quality magic kit. Its detailed instructions and 17 gimmicks will hook even too-cool tweens. (Melissa & Doug, $50;