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5 Hi-Tech Baby Monitors

  • Editor's Pick: Fisher-Price Remote Control Musical Video Monitor, $180

    Don't buy a sound machine, nightlight and baby monitor. All you need is Fisher-Price's multitasking Musical Video Monitor. Along with a 2.4-inch high-resolution LCD screen, a camera with night vision and a nightlight, it plays five lullabies and two natural sound effects, which can be controlled from the parent handset.

  • Steal: Safety 1st Glow & Go Duo, $35

    Forget searching for outlets behind the dresser or fussing with power strips. The Glow & Go Duo has a cordless base featuring a nightlight and temperature display. Place it anywhere, and score clear reception on the two parent handsets up to 400 feet away.

  • Steal:The First Years True Choice Premium P400, $85

    Three-way communication: the ultimate bonding activity. Parents can talk to and soothe baby via the two handsets, or use them as two-way radios (┬┐Mama Bear, this is Papa Bear, over"). Wave your hand over the base to activate the nightlight.

  • Splurge: Graco imonitor Video Vibe, $200

    Flip open the cell phone-sized handset to view the 2-inch high-resolution color screen. Or clip it to your belt, and set it to vibrate to feel your baby's calls. The base's camera has a real-time digital zoom feature and night vision mode.

  • Splurge: Safety 1st Prism, $250

    Think James Bond: The Early Years. The handset's 2.5-inch color screen has a crisp, real-time display and a status bar similar to a laptop's: date and time, room temperature readout and battery life. Buy an extra camera, and channel-surf between the nursery and her sibling's room.