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Gifts for Grandparents

  • gifts for grandparents

    Magnolia Table

    Pass on some new family recipes to grandma and grandpa courtesy of Joanna Gaines. The Fixer Upper star’s cookbook includes classic comfort dishes like chicken pot pie and mac and cheese, sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies, and fan favorites from Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Table restaurant in Waco, Texas. Sunday dinners with the family just got a lot more appetizing. ($18,

  • gifts for grandparents

    Fabric Of Our Family Custom Portrait

    Pull on the heartstrings of grandma and grandpa with this sentimental gift. Inspired by traditional American quilts, this fully customizable canvas can be printed with each family member’s name, birth year and other information for a truly special gift. Bonus— the canvas is even embroidered after printing to look like a quilt. ($150,

  • gifts for grandparents

    Organic Herb Garden

    If grandma and grandpa have a green thumb—or even if they don’t gift them this organic herb garden that grows right in a sunny window. This kit includes everything grandparents need to start their own herb garden. It even comes with a tray to keep their herbs on. From fresh basil for salads to tacos topped with cilantro this garden will provide a fun way to bond with grandkids through gardening and cooking. ($20,

  • gifts for grandparents

    Organic Spa Robe

    Available in soft rose, white, and grey, these organic cotton robes are so plush that grandma and grandpa will feel like they’re in a luxury resort right in their own living room. Add an extra-special touch by having them monogrammed, then pair them with slippers and a nice bottle of wine for the perfect night in. ($119,

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    Personalized Necklace

    As if grandma needs another excuse to brag about her grandchildren—she definitely will be when people compliment her on her new necklace. Engraved with her grandchildren’s initials, or simply just a heart, this will not only be a piece of jewelry but a keepsake that she cherishes forever. ($72,

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    Whiskey Pairing Chocolate Bars

    From a bourbon to a scotch whiskey master chocolatiers in San Francisco have created the perfect pairing chocolates. With a mix of milk and dark chocolate there’s something for every whiskey lover in this pairing set. Featuring the signature ingredients in popular whiskeys, these chocolates are sure to add an extra-special addition to any nightcap. ($20,

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    Yeti Rambler Tumbler

    Whether grandma and grandpa are watching the kids play football or splashing around with them at the pool,  the Yeti Rambler is ready to go. Designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, the rugged tumbler is also spill-proof,  so all those “oops” moments are a thing of the past. ($50,

  • gifts for grandparents

    The Americans 

    Flipping through a copy of The Americans is like taking a walk through history. This 50th anniversary reissue is a celebration of the original images that changed American photography. Complete with an introduction by Jack Kerouc, this book is not one that will sit on a bookshelf collecting dust—but will be a keepsake that grandparents will cherish and love to share with their grandchildren. ($40,

  • gifts for grandparents

    23andMe DNA Testing Kit

    Now grandparents can trace their lineage and even find new relatives all from the comfort of their own home with a 23andMe DNA Testing Kit. From seeing the basic ancestry composition of the family to finding distant relatives, a DNA testing kit can unlock a previously unknown genealogy. Grandparents can even use this as a fun way to share stories and connect with their grandchildren. ($99,