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7 Decadent Health Snacks for Mom

  • In this snack round-up: Attune's chocolate bar packed with probiotics and 6 other sweet snacks that you don't have to feel guilty about eating. (Really!)
  • Choc It Up
    This chocolate bar is full of probiotics, the belly-friendly bacteria in yogurt. In fact, it's got five times the amount. (Probiotic Wellness Bars in Dark Chocolate, $1.39;

  • Problem Salba-ed
    These salty munchies pack a whopping 400 mg of heart-healthy omega-3's per serving, more even than flaxseed. (Salba Smart Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips, $3.59)

  • Funky Monkey
    Dried banana is covered in delish dark chocolate, a "superfood" packed with antioxidants. (Kopali Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas, $3.99)

  • Fig Out
    These smart bites are filled with fiber-rich fig and chocolate, a brilliant combo. (Figama-jigs Bites, $1.49)

  • Berry Chill
    Frozen yogurt with a strawberry filling and granola? That's a win-win-win! (Blue Bunny Aspen Bar, $4.29 per box of eight)

  • Twice the Yum
    Sick of the same old popcorn fix? This chocolate-covered kettle corn mixed with the original stuff is addictively good but fiber-filled and low-fat. (Black & White Kettle Corn, $2.99;

  • Top This!
    One fudgy muffin top has seven grams of fiber, 40 percent of what you need daily. (VitaTops, $5.24 per box of four;

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