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7 No-Mess Snacks

  • Inside this snack round-up: brilliant gummy, grainy, and drinkable snacks that will keep your kid healthy, and -- just as appealing -- will keep their clothes clean.
  • Safer Slurping
    This sweet 'n' tart yogurty drink is made with tummy-friendly probiotic kefir, a cultured milk. Since kids have to suck on the top to gulp it down, it's impossible to spill -- brilliant! (Lifeway Organic Probugs, $2.79)

  • Bar None
    These toddler-size granola bars are moist and chewy -- which means they won't end up all over the floor (or car or stroller). (Gerber Graduates in Mixed Berry, $2.99 for six)

  • Bug Bites
    Fruit snacks are the classic tidy morsel. In this new twist, kids can make their own wacky insects! (General Mills Create-a-Bug, $2.79)

  • Berry Clever
    Crunchy freeze-dried strawberries are a hit with toddlersÂżthey can eat like astronauts! The bonus for you? No juicy chins and palms to wipe up. (Fruitzi'Os, $3.75)

  • Sarah Arnato

    Super Strips
    These tangy fruit leathers, made with natural fruit juices and purees, won't get little hands too sticky. (Archer Farms in Pomegranate, $2.99 for ten)

  • No More Crumb Bums
    Bite-size oatmeal-raisin cookies mean that there are no crumbly messes to clean up. (Wild Harvest, $2.99)