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7 Slimming Mom Snacks

  • In this snack round-up: which combination of nuts you should munch on for a flatter tummy.
  • Ab Salute
    The almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts in this six-nut mix are all high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which, research shows, can help decrease belly fat. Stick to a small handful. (Aurora Mixed Nuts, $3.99)

  • Great Fig-ure
    These sun-dried figs are packed with fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer. They're a yummy snack when paired with low-fat cheese, too! (Sun-Maid Mission Figs, $2.59)

  • All-Day Energy
    This take on Raisin Bran has cranberries, almond slivers, and yogurt clusters. Eating hearty first thing means you'll be less likely to become famished -- and then overeat -- later on. (Raisin Bran Extra!, $4.49)

  • Skinny FruitYes, the Grapefruit Diet is a long-gone fad, but don't underestimate this juicy fruit! Grapefruits are 90 percent water and have just 76 cals per jumbo fruit -- so go ahead and eat the whole thing! You'll feel satisfied and still lose weight.

  • Hot Mame
    Edamame's a great source of low-calorie protein, which means you can down these without thinking twice. The beans inside those fun-to-eat pods have lots of heart-healthy soy to boot. (Seapoint Farms Edamame, $2.69)

  • Berry'd Treasure
    Did you know that these buxom raspberries have about 8 grams of fiber per cup and are packed with antioxidants? Eat up!

  • Sweet Deal
    Each bar packs a third of your daily fiber reqs and tastes like a dessert, thanks to caramel chips. Great way to start your day! (Fiber One Bars in Oats & Caramel, $3.29 for five)