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7 Snacks that Teach

  • In this snack round-up: critter-shaped crackers and alphabet appetizers that will make snack time a treat for the brain and the tummy.
  • Palatable Palette
    What better way to teach a tot her reds, greens, and oranges than to serve them up in Technicolor snack cups? Also in sugar-free. (Jell-O, $3.19 for six)

  • Smart Cookies
    These organic, nutrient-packed vanilla nibbles mean little learners can devour knowledge -- literally (Earth's Best Letter of the Day cookies, $2.59)

  • Bug Out
    Calcium-fortified graham crackers shaped like caterpillars, dragonflies, and ladybugs open a window onto the insect world. (Keebler Grahams Bug Bites, $3.39)

  • Tasty Tiles
    These cheesy squares look like Scrabble tiles -- so go ahead, let your kids play with their food: Winner eats all! (Cheez-It Scrabble Junior, $4.19)

  • Stick 'Em Up!
    They're a gummy, yummy, vitamin C-infused treat that can help kids hone their hues. (Fruit Roll-Ups Stickerz, $2.79)

  • Sarah Arnato

    Who can just eat alphabet soup? Call out a letter, and when your child finds it, he can slurp up the hearty reward. (Campbell's Chicken Alphabet soup, $1.69)

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