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8 Cheap Birthday Gifts: Ages 6 and Up

  • For Ages: 6+

    Kids stomp on Hyper Blast to send numbers flying, then race to retrieve the numbers as they're called out by a speaker. They can play alone, or compete with friends for the title of speediest math-whiz.

    (Wild Planet, $20)

  • For Ages: 5-8

    The Got It monster will challenge your kid to come up with answers to math and reading questions fast. Kids can play with an opponent on the fun, Jeopardy-like joysticks, or with the funny looking creature themsleves.

    (Learning Resources)

  • For ages: 6+

    With 63 pieces, your child will be able to build 3 really cool models -- a jet, a speed boat and a space shuttle. It's the perfect little tag-a-long toy for the doctor's office or Grandma's.

    Lego, $4.99

  • For ages: 6+

    These Spy Night Scope binoculars have a pop-up spotlight and red tints, so your child's spy games will seem totally authentic.

    (Wild Planet, $10)

  • For ages: 6+

    Zartz are fun (and safe) to throw and stick to almost anything. (They self release in about twenty seconds.)

    (Zing Toys, $10 each)

  • For ages: 6+

    With a 30X microscope, UV light, fingerprint kit, and glow-in-the-dark powder, your child will actually be able to find out who stole the cookies from the cookie jar -- and have evidence to prove it.

    (Wild Planet, $16)

  • For ages: 6+

    Here's how she can keep her secret diary truly secret: anything placed between the pods that come with this toy will be protected by a field of invisible laser-like beams, Mission Impossible-style; an alarm will sound when it's disturbed.

    (Wild Planet, $20)

  • For ages: 8+

    Spending more time at home these days? The 36 Cube is the perfect family game because it's easy enough for a kid to understand but challenging enough for an adult to enjoy too. Work together to build a rainbow-style cube, with only one color in each row. It may look simple, but think again -- there are only quadrillions of possibilities.

    Plus: ThinkFun challenged people to solve the puzzle, offering a package-prize for the first 36 winners. Only 19 puzzlers figured it out, so they had to extend the contest, and there are 17 prizes left. Click here to learn how to enter!

    (ThinkFun, $12.99)