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Best Tech Gift Ideas for Dads


    Listen Up
    Sleek is the name of the game when it comes to listening to his favorite music on his mobile phone, iPod, iPad or computer. These Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones are a great accessory for anyone who appreciates the sound of good music and wants to look cool too.

    Azeca Stereo Bluetooth Folding Headset starts at $64.99


    Game Change
    Let him be a kid again with this awesome, retro arcade cabinet for the iPad. Simply slide the device in, download the Atari Greatest Hits app and watch him rejoice in playing Asteroids, Missile Command and Pong from his days of yore.

    iCade, $99.99, available at


    Full Swing
    If there’s a golfer in the house, you know that a round can make or break his day. For a more consistent game, give him the Senso Glove. Senso Glove is an electronic golf glove that provides real-time feedback for correcting grip pressure for a smoother, more powerful swing.

    $89, available at Senso Glove


    Control Freak
    Logitech takes remote controls to the next level with its Harmony line of universal remote controls. Who thought a remote could be this high tech? Dad will never have to deal with multiple remotes again and can configure the Harmony to be an all-in-one changer that offers touchscreen design and intuitive controls.

    Models start at $29.99, available at


    Best Foot Forward
    If he needs a little more motivation to get up and get active, Striiv is a next generation pedometer/activity monitor that includes technology, gaming and even donations to charity through movement. It’s a small device that can be attached to a keychain or belt, and it monitors daily activity. The more active you are, the more games you can play and most importantly, the more you’re donating to charity at no cost to you (through Striiv sponsors).

    from, $99

  • brookstone

    For Goodness' Steak
    A wireless belt-clip monitor, the Grill Alert announces when just about any meat is perfectly cooked.

    Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer from, $69.95



    Free Energy
    After four hours of sun, the Solio solar-powered charger is ready to rev up his cell phone, iPod, camera, game player, or GPS. Power it up the old-fashioned way on rainy days.

    Solio Charger from, $99.95


    Time Travels
    The Clocky alarm clock rolls off his bedside table when the buzzer sounds... and keeps rolling until he catches it.

    Chrome Clocky from, $46

  • Valerie Fischel

    Rock the Block
    Turn your iPod into a mini-boom box wherever you go. Perfect for a playdate or picnic in the park, just connect this super-portable mini-speaker to your iPod (no batteries required) and turn it up. A fun and easy way to share your favorite tunes! Available in a variety of colors.

  • Oh, Snap!
    Gorillapod bests a tripod: It bends to securely attach a compact camera pretty much anywhere.

    Gorillapod from, from $14.99

  • 3d glasses

    A New App and 3-D Glasses

    If your dad is always looking out for the newest tech trend then he is probably obsessed with 3-D and virtual reality applications that are now available on most smartphones. What he may not know is that VR headsets don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, treat him to these Kikkerland Virtual Reality Glasses that will bring all of his favorite apps to life without breaking the bank.
    Kikkerland Virtual Reality Glasses ($15,

  • Power Up!
    The SolarGorilla Portable Laptop Charger allows tech-geeks/eco-nerds to power their laptops, cell phones, and even portable DVD players with the sun. Yes, it's great for the environment, but hello, it's convenient for you. Charge your stuff while your kids are at the park, you're on vacation or you're working outside.

    SolarGorilla Laptop Charger from, $249.99