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9 Yummy Frozen Treats

  • In this snack round-up: the newest pop kids can push and ice cream cone that fits perfectly in their miniature hand.
  • A New Twist
    A psychedelic palette of tangy sherbets makes this old-school classic a sweet surprise. Only 70 calories per tube. (Push-Up Rainbow Twisters, $4.29 for nine)

  • Coneheads
    Cookie-dough ice cream is at the center of this cone, which is big enough to be satisfying without sending them into a sugar coma. (Lil' Drums in Cookie Dough, $5.49 for ten)

  • Everlasting
    What's so brilliant about these funky pops? They have a little gelatin in them, so they melt more slowly. Willy Wonka would've been proud. (Popsicle Mighty Magic Minis, $3.79 for 24)

  • Two to Mango
    Ripe mango can be a texture turnoff for some toddlers, but bite-size chunks are perfectly firm when frozen, and they're a natural, C-rich cooldown.

  • Black and Blue
    Feel good about giving this berry-and-lemon sorbet to your kids. It has no fat, compared to about 14 grams in the wacky Vermonters' ice cream flavors. (Ben & Jerry's Berried Treasure, $5.79)

  • Milky Way
    Now here's a mash-up that works: a tall glass of chocolate milk reinvented as a push pop. (Nesquik Push-Up, $4.29 for nine)

  • Choconana
    Roll a banana in chocolate chips, then freeze. Feels like a special treat but still has lots of potassium goodness.

  • The Scoop
    Your kids will never know that this fluffy, rich chocolate-mousse-and-vanilla ice cream has half the fat of the stuff from the ice cream truck. (Dreyer's Slow Churned French Silk, $5.99)

  • Berry Good
    This strawberry sorbetto tastes just like a fresh-picked summer berry: sweet, a tiny bit tart, and super refreshing. (Blackwell's Organic Strawberry Sorbetto, $8.99)