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At-Home Spa: Pampering Treats

  • Spa Robe
    Under the Canopy Kimono Robe, $48;
    Okay, so you don't need to wear a robe to give yourself a mani-pedi or facial, but it sure puts you in a spa frame of mind. Made of organic cotton, this one comes in eight shades and is light enough to wear when you get out of the shower or to layer over pj's.
    "Since it's not bulky, I'm comfortable wearing it to relax -- or to told laundry and pick up toys." --Angela Lavoie, mom of Nathan (2), Sturbridge, MA
  • Microdermabrasion
    Kiehl's Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion, $40;
    An even complexion sounds great, but microdermabrasion can set you back well over $100. This product does the same for much less. Superfine crystals polish skin, minimize discoloration, and, over time, diminish the look of fine lines and pores.
    "My face felt incredibly smooth -- I noticed the difference immediately!" --Natalie Dixon, mom of Stevie (6) and Emma (4), Elizabethtown, PA
  • pajama set

    J. Crew Pajama Set

    Help her relax with this comfortable, stylish pajama set from J. Crew. The classic cut and color with go with any mom’s sense of fashion, and it will be a welcome replacement for the old t-shirts she’s been rocking since having kids. If you really want to impress her, you can have it monogrammed for only $10 more! ($70;

  • Manicure
    EssieSpa Sea Mineral Glow, $16;
    This blend of finely ground marine minerals, rice-bran oil, and lavender and lemon oils makes for a lavish manicure. Technically a pedicure product, it's gentle and invigorating on hands and cuticles: The salts exfoliate, while the oils moisturize.
    "It's sloughed away dull skin, making my hands look younger. And there was no heavy residue." --Chris Hughes, mom of Emma Grace (17 months), Arvada, CO
  • Body Scrub
    Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub, $18;
    The best body scrubs slough dead cells and hydrate at the same time. Here, Dead Sea salts infused with sweet almond and primrose oils leave skin clean, smooth, and not at all greasy.
    "I don't need to put any moisturizer on after my shower, so it's a great time-saver. Plus, it smells wonderful." --Cara Zaller, mom of Zachary (6) and Alex and Noah (4), Columbia, MD
  • Facial
    Bliss Triple Oxygen Instand Energizing Mask, $52;
    Here, in a bottle, is one of Bliss Spa's most requested treatments (at $160). No wonder: it keeps breakouts at bay, restores moisture, and boosts firmness (at least temporarily!).
    "This givves a nice tingling sensation as it goes on, and the deep-clean feeling lasts for days. The pump makes it easy to use." --Jackie Dettloff, mom of Brandyn (11), Zachary (9) and Jeremy (4), Clinton Township, MI
  • Pedicure
    Creative Spa Sea Salt Glow, $12, and Cucumber Heel Therapy, $20;
    You're on your feet 24/7 -- and they deserve some TLC! Sea Salt Glow removes dead skin and polishes rough spots, while Cucumber Heel Therapy soothes and heals dry, cracked skin with aloe vera, cucumber extract, and allantoin.
    My feet feel less tired and much softer than I thought adult feet ever could." --Kelli Fisher, mom of Herrison (8) and Anderson (5), Sharpsburg, GA