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Baby Games

  • Make a Little Bagel
    Make the most of changing-table time

    With your pointer finger, make a circle around his belly button, singing "Make a little bagel 'round the old baby's belly and someone sticks their finger IN." Gently poke your baby's belly button. Then say, "I got the guilty finger; I got the guilty finger!" as you wave your finger in the air.

    Don't forget about the simplest, silliest little game for the wee ones: blowing raspberries. Smile at your baby, pucker up, and plant a big one on that sweet little belly.

  • Duke of York
    We found this baby-friendly version of the preschool favorite

    Sit on the floor and place your baby on your knees, holding him firmly under the arms. Sing: "The Noble Duke of York; He had ten thousand men; He marched them up to the top of the hill" Pull up your knees so your baby is lifted. Then continue singing: "and marched them down again." Lower your knees and your baby.

  • Ready, Set, Crawl!
    What a blast for babies on the move! Use cushions, pillows, blankets, and small throw rugs to make hills and tunnels and bumps for him to crawl over and under. Get down on the floor and help him through this homemade playground. He'll enjoy it even more.

    If you'd rather try something with no clean-up, here's a good one: As you clap your baby's hands together, chant:

    Clap your hands, one, two, three
    Play a clapping game with me
    Now your hands have gone away
    Find your hands so we can play!

    On "gone away," hide his hands under his favorite blanket, and on "find your hands," pull them out again.

  • Walking on Mom or Dad's Feet
    Remember this one? Holding your toddler's arms, place her feet on top of your feet and take lurching steps around the room. She can face out (as shown) or in.

    Another simple idea for this age group: Sit your toddler in the middle of a towel on a carpeted floor and drag her across the room. Giggles guaranteed!