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Baby Gear Dangers

  • Surprisingly, this number doesn't even include kids injured in crashes who were sitting in incorrectly installed car seats. That's right -- thousands of children are hurt each year in car seats that aren't even in the car, almost always by falls and tip-overs. Carriers pose the same risks.

    To keep your child safe:

  • Don't put infant car seats or carriers on high surfaces (such as tables or counters) or a bed, sofa, or other soft surface, where they can easily tip over. Keep the car seat or carrier on the floor instead.

  • Make sure the arm of the seat or carrier is locked into place and that your baby is secure in the safety belts before picking up the carrier.
  • To be certain your child's car seat is also used correctly in the car, check out our car-seat safety guide.

  • A child can fall out if the stroller or carriage tips over, or be pinched if it collapses with him inside. More rarely, kids have been strangled when they've wiggled down and gotten their heads caught in a leg opening.

    To keep your child safe:

  • Before you buy or use a stroller, push it around to see how stable it is.

  • Buckle your child in -- every time.

  • If the seat reclines, check that the stroller doesn't tip back when he lies down. And don't hang anything on the handles -- even lightweight bags.

  • If the stroller has a grab bar at the front of the seat, make sure any gaps can be closed up when the stroller is in the reclined position.

  • Keep the stroller locked in the open position when your child is in it so it won't accidentally fold up on him.

  • Always lock the brakes when you're parked, and never leave your child alone in the stroller.