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The Best Baby Shower Gifts

  • "My favorite gift to give is books for the baby. Books can be expensive, so it's really nice to start a new baby's library. I bought books and a bookshelf (painted it to match the color scheme of the nursery) for my first niece and my sister-in-law loved it." --amtomazic


  • "Looking back now I wish I had put diapers, diapers, and more diapers on my registry! Never did I realize how many of those would I go through." --storkradio

    "If you register for diapers, register for two packs of newborn, and two packs of size 1. You don't want to get too many newborn size because they grow out of them so quickly. Plus, some people like to make diaper cakes for showers, so you end up with a ton of newborn diapers from that (which is nice!)" --musicmom

  • "A body sponge for bathing! I don't know what I would have done without mine. You can use them in a sink or in a baby bath." --charliesmommy

    "Registering for the big stuff is important on the first baby, but don't forget all the daily essentials that add up to big costs for the next few months! We registered for Dreft Laundry Detergent. It's so expensive, but well needed for the first few months, when baby's skin is so sensitive." --rmschmitt49

  • "My sister gave me a big basket of trial and travel size products. Some were items that I may not have tried on my own but quickly became a fan of. One thing she included was a pack of Toddler Wipes that get out all kinds of stains. Now I don't go anywhere without them. I now use the basket to store these items and extra baby lotion, baby wash, and all the other extras that I might need at a moments notice. It lives on my daughter's dresser top in handy reach." --kmont
  • "Get a Dust Buster or a small vac for the kitchen. It's not cute, but cute's not always practical. I have a toddler -- you know where I'm going with this -- before I even pull him out of the high chair, I vacuum all around him. Then, if no one is looking, I vacuum him a little, too. I got onesies out the wazooo but what I really needed was something that he can't outgrow...vacuums!" --Mommy22

  • "Baby shower gifts often revolve around the newborn, but this phase is so short. Something for later, when the baby is a little older, is welcome. Perhaps an activity saucer or even clothes or onesies in a slightly bigger size are good suggestions." --neenmachine
  • "Don't register for bibs, clothes, or blankets (unless there are specific ones you want), because people like to buy that stuff anyway." --musicmom

    "If I could go back, I would have put dozens and dozens of thick cloth diapers on my registry, not so much for diapering, but they make the BEST burp cloths ever. (We had twins. It was a lot of spit-up.)" --darplocho

  • "Put large and small items on your registry. At first I was hesitant to put my car seat and stroller on the list, but I didn't realize how many people like to pitch in together and get you a gift that you actually want and need." -- Mommy2Be!
  • "I loved the Boppy Pillow. If she decides to nurse or to bottle feed a nursing pillow is fantastic!" --camcdowell

    "The Boppy is the best gift EVER! Hands down!!!" --bellablue

  • "Don't register for a baby carrier unless you know exactly which one you like. It's better to try them on in a store, or borrow a friends' and see which one baby likes." --musicmom
  • "When I was making my list, I not only thought of what I needed at the absolute minute my son was born, but I also took into consideration a few months down the road. We registered for safety items, feeding items, bath time items, a car seat, stroller, Pack 'N Play, bassinet, bibs, blankets, books, toys, etc." --Mommy2Be!

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