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Cute Baby Shower Invitations


    Let Your Flag Fly 

    With sleek nurseries all the rage, this brightly colored, geometric shower invite will suit the preggo fan of modern design. Also available in a striking orange/fuschia combo.

    Nifty Nursery from, $47 for 15 cards


    Shoe In

    There’s little as lovely as a pair of itty-bitty baby shoes, like these sweet Mary Janes on this soft blush backdrop. Also available in wisteria and sand, and with little boy loafers.

    Baby’s New Shoes from, $2.59 for 1-10 cards


    Sweet Pea Shower

    This is a good go-to theme for a baby shower—aren't all babes sweet peas? It can also be tweaked to work well for twins, aka two peas in a pod.

    Invitations: Search online for sweet pea-themed invitations to find your fave. We like this understated—but still whimsical—pea-in-a-pod invite from Tiny Prints ($1.19 each).

    Menu: Think small bites for a sweet pea shower, like baby quiches, mini tarts, and petits fours. A green crudités platter or bowls of wasabi peas will tie in the theme's color. 

    Favor: Package mint, apple or green candies in decorative bags for the guests to take home.


    Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid!

    Modern technology meets modern graphics in this sonogram shower invite.

    Scalloped Circles from, $1.71 each for 24 cards


    Mums for the Mum-to-Be

    Stylish and elegant, these spider mum-adorned invitations are a refreshing standout from the pastel crowd.

    Spider Mums from, $2.50 each for 10 cards


    We Dare You

    Riffing off of the ever-popular Dangerous Book for Boys and Daring Book for Girls, this invite presents an impossible challenge to shower invitees: don’t you dare say “cute!” 

    Cutest Dare from, $2.19 each for 10 cards


    Butterflies for Baby

    The unique orange and pink color combo makes this a cliché-free invitation for baby girl shower.

    Butterfly Pattern from, $78 for 20 cards


    Bump It Up

    Playing off of the ever-popular belly-size shower guessing game, this invite sets the tone for a silly and fun-filled celebration. Also available in other soft-hued backdrops, as well as in a darker skin tone.

    Belly Bump from, $2.59 for 1-10 cards


    In Bloom

    If the mom-to-be has traditional, Lilly Pulitzer-inspired style, she’ll adore these elegant invites featuring a vivid cluster of chrysanthemums.

    Chrysanthemum Grove from, $3.09 per card


    Week by Week

    In a gorgeous turquoise-and-brown combo, this invite is perfect for the Facebook-addicted mom-to-be who loves to share updates on her pregnancy and photos of her growing belly. Also available in pink and green.

    Modern Timeline from, $2.19 for 10 cards


    Mama to Bee

    This simple invite will get shower guests, uh, buzzing about baby’s arrival. Also available with a white background.

    Mom to Bee from, $47 for 15 cards


    Monkeying Around

    Planning a monkey-themed shower? This mischievous little chimp invite sets the tone for a playful party.

    Monkeying Around from, $2.19 each for 10 or 15 cards


    Couples Shower

    It’s not just the mom-to-be’s life that’s about to change; celebrate the future daddy too with this silhouetted couple shower invite. Also available in an awesome aqua/orange combo.

    Togetherness from, $1.71 each for 8 cards


    Love Birds

    Influenced by modern art, with a hint of South Asian influence, this quartet of birds makes for a truly unique shower invite. Also available in three other color combinations.

    Parental Love from, $2.59 each for 1-10 cards


    Let It Fly

    Although the symbolism of a dragonfly varies across cultures, it’s often associated with change, maturity, and good luck, which make it a perfect icon for an invitation to fete the changes a new baby will bring.

    Aqua Graphique from, $12 for 10 blank cards


    Two Little Birds

    Who doesn’t remember the childhood rhyme on this Kate Spade-designed invite—and who doesn’t it tickle when it actually comes true?

    Little Birds Rhyme from, $5.96 each for 25 cards


    Feather Her Nest

    Pink and brown combine to create a simple invite for your nesting mama-to-be. Also available in blue and green.

    New Nest from, $2 each for 10 cards


    Oh, Baby!

    This charming gray polka-dotted invite offers bold, graphic letters in baby-inspired patterns.

    Baby Forecast from, $29 for 10 cards


    Enchanted Invite

    We love this whimsical watercolor-style rendition of an enchanted storybook forest, reminiscent of some of our fave childhood fairy tales.

    Storybook Forest from, $2.24 for 10 cards


    Dress Up

    We’re mad for this darling frock-adorned shower invite, which says “baby girl” without resorting to pink. Also available in red.

    Cheery Frock from, $47 for 15 cards


    Bun in the Oven

    We love the cute, retro feel of this tongue-in-cheek invite. Also available in blue.

    Bun in the Oven from, $29 for 10 cards


    Dramatic Damask 

    Old-school elegant, this damask invite features an adorable antique rocking horse, perfect for a vintage-loving mama-to-be.

    Heirloom Damask from, $2.19 each for 10 cards