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Back-to-School Bargain Buys

  • Soft Back-to-School Clothing
    Getting dressed in the morning doesn't have to be a battle -- kids will have no trouble getting dressed themselves with Soft clothing, which is tagless and has super wide collars, flat seams, and soft elastic waists. They'll be just as comfy as if they were wearing their PJs, but thanks to Soft's funky patterns and colors, they'll be a little more presentable.

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  • Learning Resources
    Sneak these fun, colorful games (like Mummy Math and Crazy Creatures Listen, Mix & Match) into game night, and your kid won't realize he's learning numbers, shapes and letters. They're perfect whether you're getting your kids ready for back-to-school, or if the year has already started and they need some extra brain exercises.


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  • ReUsies
    One teeny ReUsie can eliminate hundreds of plastic baggies when you're packing your child's lunch bag. We love the bold kid-friendly designs, too, like pirates, retro space ships, paper dolls, and the very cute "Howdy Bunny".
    ($6.96+, each,

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  • Way Basics Furniture
    The beginning of the school year is a great time to buckle down and get organized, and with Way Basics furniture, that can be a really easy task. They use recycled paper to make (surprisingly durable) furniture (an eco-friendly dream) that's light enough to move around as often as you wish. Also, you don't need any tools or complicated instruction manuals to assemble them, there's just a simple page of steps and some industrial strength adhesive. They come in fun colors, too. (We feel more organized just looking at them.)
    (Starting at $9.99,

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  • Monkey Snack Sac
    Serve up lunch in style with one of these fun insulated lunch boxes. Each one comes with twelve notes you can stick inside to give your kid a special, personalized message, which will be particularly comforting if he's anxious about a new school.

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  • This School Year Will Be the Best!
    This is the perfect back-to-school book, about what kids want in the upcoming school year. (Some will seem familiar, and some are just nuts.) This could easily be a "read it again!" fave, and will get kids talking about their own hopes for the year ahead.

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  • Cleatskins
    Turn soccer cleats into regular shoes! Cleatskins Soles will cover the bottom of stinky cleats to turn them into street shoes so there's no need for a spare pair. ($19.95,

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  • Picaboo Photo Books
    Thanks to picaboo, beautiful photo books can be made with just a few clicks, making scrapbooking doable for less crafty mamas. They're also a great way to document your kids' school year, from the first day in the classroom to the end-of-the-year pizza party.
    (Starting at $9.99,

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  • Reusable Cleaning Cloths
    Great for lunch boxes or after-school events, these durable cloths absorb 15 times their weight and can be used for months. One of these is the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels! Simply pop them in the microwave and wash regularly to keep them germ-free. Sold as a set of eight, in assorted colors. ($15.00,

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  • WaterWeek Kids Water Bottles
    We love this awesome set of five 10-ounce reusable, BPA-free plastic water bottles. Simply fill them at the beginning of the week, and pack one in his lunch each morning! You'll be saving money on juice boxes and helping the environment, too. ($17.99,


  • Lap Tray Desk
    Not only is the budget tight around back-to-school time, but space isn't so free either. Solve both problems with this clever Lap Tray Desk that will hold everything from crayons to binders and can travel throughout the house. ($9.95,

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  • BIC Mechanical Pencils
    Stock your little brainiac's backpack with the most essential back-to-school item. Not only are pencils the biggest necessity, they are somehow also the most-misplaced, so start the year off with 24 for cheap. ($5.29,

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