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Best Cities 2010: 5 Worst Cities for Education

  • Of the cities and towns we surveyed, these five were at the bottom of the list in the education category. The Golden State isn't so golden when it comes to schools -- 4 of the 5 worst cities are located in southern California. Here, we round up the stinkers in the education category.

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    (Our list was compiled by using a list of the top 100 cities by population, adding in well-known smaller cities too, and removing cities so close to other large cities that they would have similar data. Then we crunched numbers in 7 education criteria categories to come up with our list.)

    Bakersfield, CA
    A lack of quality preschools and not enough teachers per student pulled Bakersfield to the bottom of our list.

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  • Long Beach, CA
    Poor reading and math scores, as well as a high teacher/student ratio, combine to give the schools in Long Beach a failing grade.

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  • Riverside, CA
    More bad news for Cali: Riverside has one of the highest teacher/student ratios in the nation, with more than 24 pupils per instructor.

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  • Fresno, CA
    Poor test scores, a high teacher/student ration and a dearth of quality preschool rank Fresno near the bottom of our list.

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  • Mobile, AL
    The only non-California city on our list, Mobile schools have to improve math scores to move up our list. Access to quality preschools is also a problem.

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