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Best Family Movies

  • best family movie beauty and the beast

    The live remake of the beloved classic is sure to be a hit at movie night. The classic fairy tale that everyone knows and loves was recreated for an even more magical experience for the next generation of kids. Be our guest and revisit all of the classic Beauty and the Beast characters and fall in love with this classic all over again.

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  • best family movies finding dory

    The prequel to Finding NemoFinding Dory is the story of how the beloved fish Dory goes on an adventure to find her parents. While searching for her family Dory finds that family isn’t just the people we’re related to, but the people we love also.

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  • best family movies moana

    In the tale of a Polynesian tribe, Moana, an adventurous teenager and daughter of the chief, embarks on a mission to save her people. Along the way she befriends the demigod Maui, who helps guide her on a quest that shows Moana the path to her ultimate self.

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  • best family movies the jungle book

    The Jungle Book is another movie that has gotten an upgrade recently. All of your favorite characters are back for this live-action remake of the classic. Join Mowgli, Baloo and all of their friends as Mowgli flees the jungle. The kids will enjoy the magic of The Jungle Book as you get to watch it unfold before them. But be forewarned, you won’t be able to get “Bare Necessities” out of your head after watching this movie.

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  • best family movies zootopia

    Judy Hopps, a rookie bunny cop, works to make a name for herself in Zootopia. In order to do that she needs to team up with a con artist fox to solve the mystery behind a series of crimes plaguing the town. Zootopia is sure to be a hit and will be loved by kids and parents alike.

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  • best family movies trolls

    When the Bergens invade and threaten Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest troll that was ever born, and her gang of friends go on the adventure of a lifetime to rescue their friends. Featuring original music from pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, don’t be surprised when movie night turns into a family dance party!

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  • best family movies kubo

    Kubo is just like any other boy living his life like normal until one day a spirit comes from the past and reignites an age-old vendetta. Kubo has to embark on a mission to locate the magical suit of armor that once belonged to his late father, who also was a legendary Samurai warrior. Along the way Kubo encounters monsters and Gods and learns his true strength.

    Grab the popcorn and snuggle up with this movie available on Amazon and Netflix.

  • best family movies secret life of pets

    If you’ve ever wondered what your pets do when you’re not home, this is the perfect movie for your family movie night. Max’s life is turned upside down when his owner brings another dog, Duke, into his life. In an effort to rid himself of Duke, Max stumbles upon an army of lost pets that are determined to get their revenge on their previous owners.

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  • best family movies paddington

    See the book that you grew up with come alive in this adaptation of Paddington. When the Brown family finds a young Peruvian bear alone in Paddington Station in London, they offer him a home with them. Along the way Paddington finds himself in some sticky situations trying to escape a taxidermist.

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  • best family movies charlottes web

    Upon learning that Wilbur the pig will likely become dinner come winter, he befriends Charlotte, the wise spider who lives with him in the pen at the farm. Charlotte vows to save Wilbur’s life and the two of them embark on a journey of friendship and loyalty. Based on the novel by E.B. White, this movie will touch the hearts of parents and kids alike.

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  • best family movies mulan

    After her elderly father is drafted into China’s army, Mulan secretly sacrifices herself and goes in his place. Her ancestors are not happy about this and try to prevent it by sending the disgraced dragon, Mushu, to accompany her.

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  • best family movies anastasia

    When the evil wizard Rasputin puts a spell on the royal Romanovs, the princess Anastasia disappears. Years later the Grand Duchess offers a reward to anyone who can find and bring the missing princess back to Paris. Hearing of the reward, two con men try to deceive the Grand Duchess by turning in a young orphan named Anya whom they don’t know is actually the young princess.

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  • best family movies willy wonka

    When the mysterious Willy Wonka opens his chocolate factory for one day only to anyone who finds one of the five golden tickets. Charlie’s life is turned upside-down. As Charlie and the others tour the factory they learn lessons of greed and gluttony.

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  • best family movies homeward bound

    Confused after their owners go on a vacation, three pets go on a quest across America in order to find their family. While the pets search for their owners across the country, the owners are looking for their pets. This tale of family and friendship will inspire big and little kids alike.

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  • best family movies sing

    Animals from all across town come together to compete in a singing competition held by Buster Moon, an eager showman, but unsuccessful businessman. This last ditch attempt at saving his failing theater might just work, and the soundtrack will have you up and dancing in no time.

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  • best family movies boss baby

    In this Oscar-nominated movie, Alec Baldwin voices the new baby that is stealing the attention of the Templeton household. When trouble arises at Puppy Co., Boss Baby and Tim Templeton have to put aside their differences and work together to save the day.

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  • best family movies hercules

    In this classic tale, the son of Greek God, Zeus, is raised on Earth as a human with God-like strength. When Hercules finds out the truth about his father he is sent on a mission to rescue his love Meg. While saving his true love he encounters monsters, Hades, and more.

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  • best family movies the bfg

    When human-eating monsters terrorize the town Sophie befriends a benevolent giant who helps her save the day. Based on the beloved book Roald Dahl, your children will learn the value of friendship and looking past the things that make us all different.

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  • best family movies curios george

    When The Man with the Yellow Hat goes on an excavation trip to Africa, he accidentally brings back a small monkey named George. George’s questioning personality gets him into all sorts of mischief that he’s always able to get himself out of.

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  • best family movies meet the robinsons

    When the orphaned Lewis wants to know what his mother looks like, he decides to create a machine that can search your memories for his school’s science fair. After his machine has been tampered with, Lewis finds himself stuck in the future until he can fix a broken time machine.

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