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19 Super-Fun Free Apps for Dads

  • Gorilla Cam
    Don't miss the awesome shots your little soccer player makes simply because your iPhone won't zoom. This fantastic app delivers a huge list of features—digital zoom, anti-shake, self-timer, time lapse, continuous rapid-fire shooting and more. Your kid will be stoked that you got the shot.

    Free, iPhone

    Find your dream address with this home search app. Use on your quest to land your new nest, or to estimate the values in your current neighborhood. Check out homes for sale and rent, based on price, beds, baths, monthly payment—all while viewing full-color photos of the properties.

    Free, iPad, iPhone

  • iHandy Level
    Who says a handy dude can't be high-tech, too? With this app you'll be able to hang a picture, adjust a worktable or level your trailer in seconds flat. It takes just a few minutes to calibrate your iDevice and get in touch with your inner Bob the Builder.

    Free, iPad, iPhone

  • Open Table
    Surprise your sweetie now and then with reservations at the hot new restaurant in town. With more than 15,000 restaurants participating in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., you're sure to find just the right place to nosh on the road, or at home. Plus, it's great for booking business lunches.

    Free, iPad, iPhone

  • InstaPaper
    You're nothing if not busy, but dang, you want to keep up on all the latest news and interesting bits you find online, too. InstaPaper bookmarks your items into an easy-to-scan newspaper format, and keeps them organized until you can hunker down and enjoy some peace and quiet.

    Free, iPhone, iPad

  • Bank of America - Mobile Banking

    Citi Mobile (sm)

    and Chase Mobile (SM) 

    Schedule payments, track your bank accounts, or find an ATM near you. Chase's interface is particularly stylish, with an ability to deposit a check by simply taking a photo of it (iPhone 4 feature).

    Free, iPad, iPhone

  • Bloomberg
    Get the latest financial news, stock quotes, price charts, and trend analysis and create a customized list of your most important stocks from markets around the world. C'mon, you owe it to yourself to be as informed as your broker.

    Free, iPad, iPhone

  • At Bat 2010
    Designed specifically for a newsreader format, this app keeps you up-to-date on MLB's Hot Stove news and in-season analysis. Get real-time scores, speed and pitch data, and video highlights just in time for opening day.

    Free, iPad

  • CBS Sports Mobile
    Because TV and radio can't possibly sate your appetite for sports, CBS has created this app for your every sporting need, from college to pro to fantasy, plus coverage of auto racing, golf and tennis. Bonus: You can control your fantasy teams (baseball and football) from the palm of your hand. But remember to check on the kids, willya?

    Free, iPad, iPhone

  • iHandy Flashlight Pro
    In an emergency, at a concert, just for fun—Flashlight Pro is your go-to tool. With more than 60 effects, you can entertain yourself and the kids with: candle light, disco light, police or fire truck light, neon light and many more. Bonus: You'll be the coolest dad on the block with the Glow Stick feature.

    $.99, iPad, iPhone

  • GreenFinder
    Make every golf game that much easier with this range finder . Working with your phone's GPS, GreenFinder determines the exact distance to front, center and back of the green, in addition to the hazards along the fairway. Of course, this app wouldn't be complete without the ability to find courses near you. Just be sure to make your tee time with a fully charged phone, as GPS can be a battery suck. 

    $34.99, iPhone

  • Golf Rules Quick Reference
    Let this pocket guide settle any minor or major disputes on the course, so you and your buddies can get back to the fun of the game—beers at the clubhouse. Based on the USGA/R&A rules, this app's illustrations and animations make it easy-as-pie to use.

    $9.99, iPad, iPhone

  • itunes

    Star Walk 
    This app identifies constellations based on your GPS location, and will up your romance cred considerably while you discover more than 9,000 heavenly bodies. What you discover afterward is completely up to you.

    $2.99, iPad, iPhone

  • iXpenseIt
    This is pretty much one-stop-shopping (as it were) for simplifying your daily business-expense tracking and managing your family's finances on the go. The app generates expense reports and charts for trends, allows for easy set-up of repeat expenses, tracks mileage, and offers a host of other handy tools. Geeky but important for reimbursements: take and store digital photos of your travel receipts for later processing.

    $4.99, iPad, iPhone

  • Gas Cubby + MPG & Car Maintenance
    Track gas mileage, vehicle maintenance schedule and vehicle data to keep your car running at its best. Sync online so you can share info with your partner while supporting all the family automobiles. We like that you can set and receive customizable service reminders, so you can continue to ignore the service stickers in your windshield.

    $4.99, iPhone, iPad

  • iFitness
    Like a little personal trainer that you carry in your pocket, iFitness helps you create an easy exercise plan and stick with it. With images and videos of more than 300 exercises, you can create several customized routines (with or without equipment) so you're never bored. The app features a stopwatch and a food/weight/measurement tracker to cut down on extra devices. Also great for the business traveler.

    $1.99, iPad, iPhone

  • FitnessBuilder
    This app allows you to create comprehensive workout plans with detailed instructions, vids and pictures, with the added benefit of progress trackers, graphs and stats. Plus, this app allows for photo tracking of your before and afters (yikes), and syncs to an online backup.

    $9.99, iPad, iPhone

  • Heart Monitor
    Using the built-in mic on your iPad, iPhone, or iDevice headphones, you can listen to, and track, your resting heart rate over time. Very handy for dads starting a new exercise regime (or for entertaining kids when you've run out of ideas). 

    $2.99, iPad, iPhone

  • BP Buddy
    BP Buddy stores your blood pressure logs all in one convenient place and  allows inputting of multiple entries per day and note-taking on your stress levels and activities, and it delivers graphs and stats of your data. One fabulous feature is that you can email your details to yourself or your doc any time you want.

    $.99, iPad, iPhone