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Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books

  • best baby book goodnight moon

    The bedtime story that has been loved by generations, Goodnight Moon bids goodnight to all of the familiar items in the little bunny’s room. Kids of all ages will fall in love with this classic bedtime tale. (Amazon, $7)

  • best baby book love you forever

    No children’s library is complete without the addition of I Love You Forever. The touching story of a mother and her son, I Love You Forever is a story of unconditional love and parenthood. (Amazon, $5)

  • best baby book where the wild things are

    When Max gets sent to his room without supper, his bedroom is transformed into a faraway land that is inhabited by wild things. Once Max has grown tired of the wild rumpus, he heads back to his own bed in this story of mischief and imagination. (Target, $7)

  • best baby book i wish you more

    A parents love for their child cannot be compared with anything else. In I Wish You More a parent shows just how much they want for their child. This is a story that will melt the hearts of all who read it. (Walmart, $11)

  • best baby book oh the places you'll go

    The Dr. Seuss classic, Oh, The Places You’ll Go, is a story that illustrates just what a child can do when they put their mind to it. No library is complete without this book, and it’s a story that is worth holding on to even after your child has grown. (Barnes & Noble, $22)

  • best baby book the runaway bunny

    When a little bunny keeps running away from his mother during a game of hide and seek, his mother reminds him just how much she loves the him. A gentle reminder to children just how endless a parent’s love for them is, this bedtime story will win over the heart of your child just as it has for generations before. (Amazon, $8)

  • best baby book the colors of us

    Children will learn about the differences in each person’s skin tone through Lena, a girl who wants to paint a picture of herself. This is a story that reminds children that the things that make us different are the things that are to be celebrated. (Amazon, $5)

  • best baby book the giving tree

    The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein has been a beloved story since it’s publication 50 years ago. Kids and parents will love this book about the gift of giving to those around you and the acceptance of other people’s love. (Barnes & Noble, $12)

  • best baby book pantone colors

    Teach your baby colors in a fun and trendy way. When creating your baby’s first library, it’s important to keep in mind a balance of bedtime stories and books that will enhance learning as well. Pantone:Colors is a beautifully designed book that shows your baby all of the colors of the rainbow, and it is so pretty you won’t even be mad when it doesn’t get put back on the bookshelf. (Pantone, $10)

  • best baby book all aboard national park

    Storytime becomes a cross-country adventure with this book by husband and wife duo Kevin and Haily Meyers. Your baby will love to read about all of the different animals in the National Parks as they travel across the country by train. Perfect for your child’s library, this book enriches reading and teaches about animals. (Barnes & Noble, $9)

  • best baby book what are you patty

    When Patty the Platypus starts to get curious about what kind of animal she is, Patty and her friends embark on an epic adventure to find out. Along the way Patty meets all sorts of animals, and she finds out that what makes them strange is actually what makes them special. (Amazon, $18)

  • best baby book if you give a mouse a cookie

    When a hungry mouse shows up on your doorstep you’ll give him a cookie. And so it goes, if you give a mouse a cookie he’ll want a glass of milk,—this circular tale tells the story of how to handle a hungry mouse at your door. Perfect for storytime, this silly story from the If You Give series will become a beloved story in your child’s first library. (Amazon, $12)

  • best baby book curious george visits the zoo

    When Curious George steals some bananas from the zoo keeper he starts another one of his crazy adventures. Kids of all ages will love to keep up with George’s antics and silliness in this installment of the Curious George series. (Barnes & Noble, $4)

  • best baby book good night gorilla

    What happens at the zoo when the zookeeper is ready for bed but the animals aren’t? Find out in this beautifully illustrated tale by Peggy Rathmann. This is sure to be a favorite bedtime story from your baby’s library. (Walmart, $6)

  • best baby book brown bear what do you see

    From a frog, to a horse, to a duck, your child will love seeing all of Eric Carle’s brightly illustrated animals in this favorite children’s book. From the iconic illustrations to the rhythmic text, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a story that deserves a spot in your baby’s first library. (Target, $7)

  • best baby book your baby's first word will be dada

    Jimmy Fallon has taken on fatherhood with humor in his first children’s book. He has penned the tale that tells the secret of how he ensured his daughters first word will be “DADA”. A story that your child will like as much as you enjoy, this is a must have in a baby’s first library. (Barnes & Noble, $13)

  • best baby book belly button book

    The Belly Button Book is filled with hippos heading to the beach. There, these hippos start singing the Belly Button song. Your child will love to read (and sing) along with this silly story. (Amazon, $7)

  • best baby book go dog go

    P.D. Eastman’s tale of dogs that go by foot, boat, car, and unicycle is sure to entertain and delight your child. Your child will learn colors and prepositions with this silly tale making it a perfect pick for their first library. (Amazon, $6)

  • best baby book chicka chicka boom boom

    When A tells B and B tells C to meet at the top of the coconut tree, you can’t be surprised when the other 23 letters tag along. But what happens if there isn’t enough room for all of the letters in the coconut tree? Find out with this enriching alphabet story. (Barnes & Noble, $8)

  • best baby book five little monkeys

    With an irresistible rhyme and a surprise ending, your child won’t be able to get enough of this classic children’s book. An essential book to add to your baby’s first library, it is sure to spark a love for reading in your little monkey. (Amazon, $8)

  • best baby book a bear called paddington

    Paddington is a bear who has traveled from Peru to find himself alone in London’s Paddington station. It is there that the Browns meet Paddington and offer him a home. Your child will love the misadventures Paddington always seems to find himself in with this charming novel by Michael Bond. (Barnes & Noble, $6)

  • best baby book the rainbow fish

    When the most beautiful fish in the sea learns the importance of sharing he finds that there is so much more to this world than being beautiful. Add this book to your baby’s first library to help them learn an important lesson from this classic story. (Walmart, $13)

  • best baby book the very hungry caterpillar

    The classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar will eat it’s way through the pages and right into your child’s heart. The Eric Carle story features beautiful illustrations that will make an impression on your baby that will last long past bedtime. (Barnes & Noble, $18)

  • best baby book guess how much i love you

    A parent’s love for their child can never be measured, but in this story Little Nutbrown Hare tries to measure his love for his father in wide reaches and little hops. But Big Nutbrown Hare can always reach a little farther and hop a little higher. From the moon and back, a parent’s love for their child is an unconditional force. (Target, $6)

  • best baby book corduroy

    Corduroy is a small bear in a department store when he catches a child’s eye. It is then that he finds out that one of his buttons is missing. Follow Corduroy on his adventure through the department store late at night searching for his button and finding the meaning of friendship. (Barnes & Noble, $15)