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Celebrity Quotes: The Meaning of Mom

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    "Love—and hard work." —Kimora Lee Simmons

    Plus: Parenting Advice from Kimora Lee Simmons

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    "I just think ‘responsibility.’ So much responsibility comes with being a mother because we are responsible for how our kids turn out and the adults that they become. As moms, we’re nurturers. So the second word would be ‘nurturer.’ That’s what I think a mom is and should be capable of being. We can do it all. We wear so many hats as mothers." —Laila Ali

    Plus: Parenting Advice from Laila Ali

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    "'Hard.' I don't think people without children understand how much work it actually is." —Sofia Vergara

    Plus: Parenting Tips from Sofia Vergara

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    "Facilitator." —Alison Sweeney

    Plus: Parenting Advice from Alison Sweeney

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    "Unconditional love." —Jaime Pressly

    Plus: Parenting Advice from Jaime Pressly

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    "My mom is my best friend, so I hope I can be one of his best friends. But my mom was my mother before she was my best friend—that came later. A lot of times I think parents try to be the best friend and then they try to be the mom. My mom always set boundaries and really made me respect her. That is something I really want to do with my children. I want them to respect me and love me, but at the same time to listen to me—and then I’ll be their friend." —Molly Sims

    Plus: Parenting Tips from Molly Sims

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    "Patti [Gwen's mother]. I think of my mom when I hear someone say “mom”!" —Gwen Stefani

    Plus: Parenting Tips from Gwen Stefani

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    "Sexy." —Liz Lange

    Plus: Parenting Advice from Liz Lange

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    "My heart just melts." —Alicia Silverstone

    Plus: Parenting Advice from Alicia Silverstone