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Chocolate Gifts for Everyone On Your List

  • The Holiday Toiler
    Just hung 50 feet of twinkly lights? She deserves one of these—white chocolate with a meltaway center. (Hershey's Bliss, $4 a bag)

  • The Gals at Daycare
    Bars this thick and chunky are only made by hand. No wonder they were reviewed in Vogue. (Lake Champlain Chocolates, Five Star Assorted Five Pack, $17.95; individually, $3.80 each)

  • Your Crunchy Babysitter
    Each pack holds three individual mini-bars—and a healthy dollop of certified- organic righteousness. In milk and dark chocolate. (Seeds of Change, $4.29)

  • A Classy Coworker
    The Elle Woods of chocolate bars looks as chic as a kitten heel, but is smartly Fair Trade¿made. (Divine Chocolate, $3.30)

  • Your Tween
    This mod-looking line comes in about a dozen flavors—from Perfect Peanut Butter to Orange Appeal. (Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bars, $3)

  • Your Goofy Sis
    Who needs a card? The witty wrappers (other patterns include Gelt Bar and ChoCOALate) make a statement all by themselves. (Blooms-berry & Co., $5)

  • And You!
    Like a demitasse of espresso, these bars are tiny but serious: Their dark chocolate is 55 to 70 percent cocoa. (Green & Black's Organic, $1.59)