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Easy Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids

  • Dyingbeautystock

    Darling Deer

    • Cover a cardboard tube with patterned paper.
    • Cut a triangle head and two large and two small oval ears out of paper.
    • Glue the smaller ears inside the larger ones and fold in half. Glue to top of triangle.
    • Cut felt circles for eyes. Glue googly eyes to felt. Add pom-pom nose.
    • Glue the triangle to the top center of the tube.
    • Use straws and pipe cleaners to make antlers.
  • Kim Kuhn

    Stunning Christmas Stocking

    • Cut a sock shape out of two pieces of felt.
    • Staple the edges together a half inch from the sides, leaving the top open.
    • Glue rickrack over the staples to cover them.
    • Add a felt loop to the top corner of the stocking for hanging. Decorate with felt and buttons.

    See the tutorial for this Stunning Stocking Christmas craft

  • Kim Kuhn

    A Wee Christmas Tree

    • Cut five 18 x 24-inch triangles from cardboard.
    • Score the center of each triangle to make it easier to bend.
    • Fold each triangle in half and glue together.
    • Use clothespins to keep the pieces together.
    • Paint the tree white.
    • Roll corrugated paper around a cardboard tube to make the tree base.
    • Cut a star from felt.
    • Add a wire to the bottom of the star to attach to the tree.

    String O'Dots

    • Cut two yards of string.
    • Every few inches, place a sticker on the string and then press another sticker back to back.
    • String around the tree.

    Fa-la-la-felt Skirt

    • Trim the edges of a two by two-foot piece of felt to make a circle.
    • Glue rickrack to outer edge of the circle.
    • Decorate with felt circles.
    • Place under mini-tree.
  • Kim Kuhn

    Twin Trees

    • Paint two cone water cups green.
    • Wrap rickrack or ribbon around one.
    • Decorate with pom-poms.
    • When the paint dries, apply a thin layer of glue to the second cup and cover with glitter.

    See the tutorial for our Twin Trees Christmas craft idea

    Jolly Ol' Santa

    • Paint a cone-shaped water cup red.
    • Cut out a circle face shape from felt and snip top of face to make it flat.
    • Cut a felt beard and mustache and glue to face. Add black dots for eyes.
    • Wrap pipe cleaner around the point of the cup and the middle of the cup to make the hat and jacket trim.
    • Glue the face to the front of the cone. Add a small pom-pom for a nose.
    • Glue paper feet to the inside of the cone.
  • Kim Kuhn

    Melt-free Snowmen

    • Cut snowman shapes out of felt.
    • Decorate each snowman with a felt top hat.
    • Punch a hole on each side of the snowman.
    • String with baker's twine.
  • Kim Kuhn

    3-D Christmas Card

    • Cut two circles out of paper.
    • Bend one in half and glue one side to the second circle.
    • Cut and glue a paper ornament topper to the top of the circle.
    • Glue a piece of string to the back of the topper.
    • Glue to cardstock.
    • Pull the string tightly and glue to the back of the card.
  • Kim Kuhn

    Give Peace a Wreath

    • Paint clothespins and an embroidery hoop.
    • Glue clothespins onto the hoop.
    • Cut two felt leaves and glue near the top of the hoop.
    • Glue small felt circles and buttons to the leaves.
    • Thread a string through the top of the hoop.
    • Cut a dove shape out of felt. Glue a teardrop wing to each side. Decorate with feathers.
    • Add a black-marker dot eye to dove.
    • Pierce the beak of the bird with a scissor tip and slide a one-inch piece of white floral wire through the slit to make an olive branch.
    • Attach two felt leaves to each end of the wire.
    • Glue dove to the wreath.
  • Kim Kuhn

    Wrap Star

    • Cut circle shapes from a new kitchen sponge. Make “stamps” by hot-gluing a non-sharpened pencil to one side of each circle.
    • Dip circles in paint and decorate wrapping paper, newsprint, or scrap paper with cheery dots.
  • Kim Kuhn

    Tag, You're It

    • Trace a cookie cutter on a piece of felt and colored paper.
    • Cut out shapes and glue together.
    • Punch a hole at the top center of the tag.
    • Add a string to attach to a gift.
  • Cut It Up
    It's not officially winter until you make a paper snowflake. Learn the folding tricks online at (we challenge you not to spend at least 15 minutes with this tool). Once you've got a bunch, string them up to hang on the tree, the mantel or over a doorway. Have a toddler? Let him "decorate" the paper with crayons, markers or stamps before you make the cuts.

  • Be A Smart Cookie
    Roll out a tube of premade sugar-cookie dough, have the kids cut out shapes, then bake. When cooled, let the crew decorate. Don't have frosting on hand? Peanut butter or cream cheese will do the trick.

  • Spin the Hanukkah Dreidel
    Learn how to play dreidel at, and use M&M's for the pot. For younger kids, pass a dreidel around a circle while you play music. Whoever's holding it when you stop the music is out.

  • Make a Kwanzaa Unity Cup
    Pick out a large, stemmed glass. Get some red, green and black paint and let your kids decorate it. Everyone takes a ceremonial drink from the Unity Cup on the first day of Kwanzaa, December 26.

  • Forget Lemonade
    Set up a hot-chocolate stand. On a mild afternoon when families will likely be outside, offer cups of hot cocoa, along with candy canes for stirring. Donate the proceeds to a charity of your child's choosing.

  • Bag It
    Turn a shopping bag into a Christmas gift tote by cutting out a large square on each side to remove the store logos. Tape cellophane over the window (from the inside). Stuff the bag with tissue paper; tie on a ribbon.

  • Take a Family Bedtime Drive
    Get everyone in their pj's, fill up thermoses with hot cocoa (cooled to room temp for little guys) and pile into the car. Put on Christmas music and cruise around the neighborhood, admiring the lights.

  • Cheat the New Year
    Half an hour before your kids' bedtime, switch the clocks to 11:30 P.M. Count down to "midnight" together then bang pots and pans. Put your kiddos to bed and ring in the new year again with your partner.

  • Not-so-white Christmas
    Fill up a few spray bottles with water and various shades of food coloring, then send the kids out to create their masterpieces in the snow.

  • Make a snow globe
    You'll need: a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid; a plastic figurine; waterproof glue; distilled water (you can also use boiled and cooled tap water); liquid glycerin (available at crafts stores); glitter. Let your child pick out the figure, then glue it inside the lid and let the glue dry. Fill the jar with water, a squirt of glycerin (it helps the glitter swirl) and the glitter. Screw on the lid tightly, then flip!

  • Celebrate the Hanukkah Festival of Lights
    Have your little one make a hand print menorah: Dip each hand in paint; ask your child to overlap his thumbs (this will create the center candle) and then press his hands, with fingers spread, onto paper. Wash hands, then have him dip a finger in yellow paint and dab the top of each candle to create flames.

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