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Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens

  • Crow Watches

    Time to Shine
    Your tween can tell time and make a fashion statement with this large-face watch from CROW. Each watch has a comfy, soft silicone strap and comes in 11 eye-catching colors.

    CROW Lush Watch from


    Star Power
    This Star Wars gadget is the coolest thing this side of the galaxy. It's a lamp, alarm clock and MP3 speaker all in one, encased in two of the space epic's favorite characters—choose from super villain Boba Fett or the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader.

    Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp from


    Word Play
    Scrabble might be too old-school for kids, but Dabble? The fun and fast game has players mixing and matching letters to see who can make the most words. It’ll keep them thinking and entertained.

    Dabble from

  • Courtesy of OpenSky

    Balloon Bookends
    Quirky and cool these bookends will spruce up any tween's shelf. 

    Balloon Animal Bookends from


    Monster Fun
    Is she so over Twilight? Written by Lisi Harrison, Monster High follows Frankie Stein (granddaughter of, you guess it, Frankenstein) as she struggles to find her place in her new high school, where teen monsters secretly mix in with the "normie" student body. The result? Hilarious, spooky tween fun.

    Monster High Hardcover from


    Game Day
    Got a family of football fanatics? Pile onto the couch during any live game on TV with Armchair Quarterback—players compete to win by correctly predicting touchdowns, passes and other game plays.

    Armchair Quarterback from


    Get Moving
    Step aside, Wii. Playstation's got a motion-controlled gaming system of its own—and it is awesome. Packaged for those who already have a Playstation 3, the Move Starter Bundle includes a wireless controller, a motion-detecting Eye camera and the super-fun Sports Champions video game (rated E for Everyone 10+).

    Playstation Move Starter Bundle from


    So Tweet!
    The posterboard collage goes chic! Your kid can put her favorite pictures, notes and magazine clippings on display with this cute clothesline and bird clip set.

    Birds on a Wire Photo Clips from


    Hot Shots
    When it's too cold to hit the playground courts, he can still practice his skills with this mini indoor hoop. Modeled after professional b-ball baskets, the SKLZ hoop has a spring-action rim, a shatterproof backboard and a foam-padded backing to protect your doors from damage—no matter how many times he slam dunks.

    SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop XL from


    Rockin' Shirt
    No guitar? No problem! He can play his favorite rock riffs with this musical shirt based on real electric guitar chords. To rock out in style, he'll need to clip the mini amp to his pocket or belt, and strum away using the magnetic pick.

    Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from


    Girly Gab
    This mini box of questions is a must-have for any sleepover. Each card has a quirky question (Which TV character would you like to be your real life best friend? What would you ask your pet if it could answer you?) that'll help her get to know and bond with her besties. Innocent fun—no dares here!

    The Slumber Party Mini Box of Questions from


    Have a Ball!
    Help them burn off some that energy with these cool, lightweight hand trampolines from Ogosport. Your kiddo can bounce the koosh ball back and forth with a partner or play solo—either way he'll get a great workout and boost hand-eye coordination. Bonus points: the disks double as Frisbees!

    Ogosport Mini Disk 12" from


    Gifts with Heart
    This sweet handmade necklace features a dainty butterfly charm on an 18-in thin chain, and an inspiring message card. Profits from purchase will go to Girls Learn International, a nonprofit organization supporting universal girls' education. (Also available in sterling silver.)

    Learning to Fly Gold Dipped Necklace from