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Confessions: Delivery-Room Drama

  • Veer

    Rate your contractions

    42% of you say labor was about as tough as you'd imagined it would be

    31% thought it was easier than people had led you to believe

    27% thought it was way harder than you'd expected

    Contractions or gas?

    54% of you say you knew for certain you were in labor

  • Did you swear in there?

    72% No (Sure you remember?)

    28% Hell, yes!

  • Labor Mood

    57% Mostly even-tempered, with occasional lapses 

    19% The picture of calm 

    16% Drugged and dazed 

    8% Stark raving mad 

    No regrets

    74% of you who had c-sections are okay with the fact that you didn't give birth vaginally

  • 1. Parents 64%

    2. Another relative 14%

    3. In-laws 12%

    4. A friend 10%

  • Veer

    35% of you say your husband cried more than you did when the baby was born
  • 50% of you were worried your water would break in public. (That happened to only 4% of you, phew!)

  • Who did the baby look like?

    1. Your husband 43%

    2. No one you know! 27%

    3. You 20%

    When the going gets rough...

    67% of you say you don't know what you would've done without your husband during labor and delivery

    19% of you admit you expected him to be worse than he was!

  • Veer

    51% of you say you were glad to have visitors in the hospital -- up to a point

    14% couldn't wait for them to leave you alone

  • Veer

    63% of you say being a mom is harder than being pregnant and giving birth. (But isn't it so worth it?)