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Confessions: Moms Dish on Dads

  • Right up there with Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy and McSteamy 36%

    He's a cute dad 34%

    He's good-looking enough for me! 24%

    He's got a great personality 6%

    Bragging rights

    53% of you are more likely to boast about your husband to your friends than you are to complain about him

    And 58% of you admit that your husband deserves more credit than you give him for helping with the kids

  • 53% of you say your husband's more likely than you are to give your kids an extra scoop of ice cream, ten more minutes at the playground, or another go-round on the carousel

    Green with envy?

    Not so much! 55% of you say you weren't jealous of other women before kids, and you still aren't (22% of you say having kids has made you less jealous!)

  • 54% of you say your husband doesn't clean up after himself

    26% of you say he doesn't help enough with the kids

    But at least he remembers to put the toilet seat down! Only 12% of you complain that he doesn't

    And he doesn't seem to forget your anniversary and birthday, either (unless he's married to 8% of you)

  • 1. Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) from Two and a Half Men -- a bit nervous about how well he's raising his kid, but very involved 50%

    2. Ray Barone (Ray Romano) from Everybody Loves Raymond -- he's the breadwinner but doesn't do much childcare or housework 38%

    3. Homer Simpson -- not the swiftest, but very lovable 12%

  • Almost half of you say that your husband's most annoying habit is tuning you out when you're talking

    Second place: Snoring

    Third: Channel surfing

    Get a (new) job!

    The #1 thing you'd change about your husband (over his parenting style, his looks, and how good in bed he is): his job, according to half of you

  • 77% of you and your husbands say "I love you" at least once a day

    How you feel about your husband's family:

    They're a lot like my own -- good for the most part, but they drive me crazy sometimes! 49%

    They're fine...when we stay out of each other's way 23%

    They're great! 19%

    They're the bane of my existence 9%

  • 57% of you wish your husband spent more time romancing you

    42% of you have sex less often now that you have kids

    ...and Supernanny

    30% of you would like to change your husband's parenting style

    36% of you think you're the better parent. (Only 7% say your husband is)