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Confessions: Morning Mayhem

  • 60% A bowl of cereal
    19% A granola bar in the car
    10% A hot sit-down meal
    11% Breakfast?

    The best part of waking up?

    42% of you drink no coffee whatsoever (are you mainlining Red Bull?) but 25% of you lose count of how many cups you knock back

  • 36% of you drop your kids off in your pj's (5% of you do pickup in them, too!)

    Sweet little lies

    58% of you have fibbed about why you're late to work (but only 23% of you have blamed it on a sick kid)

  • 44% of your kids leave the house without brushing their teeth, and
    37% of them don't brush their hair
    56% of you admit to skipping a shower to save time

    Smell ya later!

    21% of you have left a dirty diaper for the babysitter to change

  • 16% of you have been pulled over for speeding on your way to work, school, or an appointment

  • 43% Occasionally
    42% Never
    13% Only on days ending in "y"

    The aftermath

    53% of you leave a few cups lying around your kitchen when you leave... And 38% say FEMA should drop by

  • 1. Keys 58%
    2. Shoes 42%
    3. Cell phone 39%
    4. Backpack 19%
    5. Office ID badge 12%

    Stuff you admit to doing while driving

    51% Putting on makeup
    43% Opening mail
    11% Reading the newspaper

  • 58% Six words: "Where did you leave it last?"
    15% The permission slip or the class-snack request that suddenly appears
    14% Your kid's choice of outfit
    13% Someone wanted PB&J for lunch last night, but now they want a turkey sandwich

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