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Cool Treats for Hot Moms

  • In this snack round-up: the best chilly treats for sweaty summer days -- all of which were a blast to test out!
  • Feel the Churn
    Apparently, it's the slow mixing process that lets the yumminess in these six-ounce containers (available in classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla) come in at half as many calories as regular ice cream. (Edy's, $1.25 each)

  • Bonbon Voyage
    Remember the old saw about the SAHM who watched soaps and ate bonbons all day? If such a creature actually existed, she'd want these. They're a cookie, ice cream, and chocolate all in one. (Choco's, $5 for 12)

  • Keep it Simple
    Like a six-word memoir, a five-ingredient ice cream gets down to the essence. Here: ginger, milk, cream, sugar, eggs. That's it. (Haagen-Dazs Five, $4.39)

  • Italian Stallin'
    The procrastination-worthy sorbet (made from imported Sicilian blood oranges) now comes in 3.5-ounce cups, each with its own spoon. Bellissimo! (Ciao Bella, $13 for 12)

  • Thank You Very Mochi
    A twist on the Japanese classic, these delicious dollops wrap ice cream within a layer of sweetened rice flour. So good, we were left with a permanent yen. (Bubbies, $9 for eight)

  • Thin 'Wich
    "Ice cream sandwich" and "watching my weight" don't usually go together, except in a dark-humor kind of way -- and in these 140-calorie treats. (Weight Watchers, $5 for six)