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6 Dynamic Duo Snacks

  • These dynamic duos will have your mouth doing a tango.

  • Go Nuts

    This heart-healthy pack sticks to the basics: no salt or artificial flavors, just the good-for-you fats, protein, and fiber in walnuts and almonds. Emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds 100-Calorie Pack; $3.50

  • Not the Pits

    The movie-theater candy staple gets a grown-up makeover, with dark chocolate and big, juicy cherries. Nestle Dark Chocolate Cherry Raisinets; $3.29 for 4 oz

  • Berry Pair-y

    Why savor one yummy flavor when two is twice as nice? Layers of low-fat yogurt -- fruit-flavored and vanilla -- prove surprisingly silky. Yoplait Delights Parfait in Triple Berry Creme; $3 for four 4-oz cups

  • Coco? Mo'! Mo'!

    Think of it as a deconstructed (and much healthier) pina colada: The coconut water is packed with electrolytes; the pineapple juice adds zing. Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pineapple; $1.79

  • Dip Schtick

    Chocolate fondue is so fun while you're dipping -- so not once you're cleaning up. A better way: Heat up this microwavable container and go to town. Delish with strawberries, dried fruit, navel oranges, or whatever your pleasure. Dolci Frutta; $3

  • Chip In

    Loco for local? These Lay's chips are available in different flavors depending on your part of the country. Get your own, Easterners: Garden Tomato & Basil is sold only in the Midwest. Lay's Garden Tomato & Basil Potato Chips; $4 for a 10-oz bag