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11 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

  • Candy rolled into crepe paper carrots for Easter
    Kim Kuhn

    “Dig-Worthy” Spring Fun
    All pint-size Peter Rabbits are welcome in this garden. Watch as itty-bitty bunnies discover the sweet surprises that hide in these crepe-paper carrots.

    Paint small terra-cotta pots black and set aside to dry. To create each carrot, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend one piece in half and twist the ends together to form a point, creating a flat carrot shape. Beginning at the bottom position, take a 5-inch piece of orange crepe paper and wrap it around the pipe cleaner, tightly at the bottom and more loosely as you go up to create a wider top. Fill each carrot with desired treats and then twist the top tightly to close. To make stems, glue a small piece of green crepe paper around the twisted carrot top, then cut into a fringe. Place pots in decorative cupcake wrappers ($4;, then fill with green M&Ms and “plant” carrots in each.

  • Homemade bunny ear headband using pipe cleaners
    Kim Kuhn

    “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”
    Your little Easter Bunny will bounce with joy when they spot these headbands. In no time, you will both be singing, “Here comes Peter Cottontail … Hoppin' down the bunny trail … Hippity, hoppity … Easter's on its way.”

    To make ears, use two giant pipe cleaners or a few regular pipe cleaners ($3; that have been twisted together at the ends to create two 20-inch lengths. Wrap each pipe cleaner with ribbon, leaving about two inches of exposed pipe cleaner at each end. Bend wrapped pipe cleaners into ear shapes (feel free to get creative and add some personality), then twist exposed ends together to secure. Use hot glue to attach ears to a plastic headband, then wrap the base of each ear and the headband with small pieces of ribbon to create extra support. Once ears are secure, wrap entire headband with ribbon, using fabric or hot glue to secure ribbon ends.

  • Candy-coated dyed eggs Easter crafts
    Kim Kuhn

    Cute as a Button, Candy-Coated Eggs
    You can’t go wrong with polka dots. The pattern is a springtime favorite, so why not sprinkle a few on your little one’s Easter eggs and see their eyes light up. 

    Attach Candy Buttons ($6; to dyed eggs with decorating icing. Allow icing to dry and then display eggs as desired.

  • Chalkboard paint-coated Easter eggs with chalk art
    Kim Kuhn

    Egg-celent Chalk Art
    Come spring, kiddos everywhere are anxious to pull out the chalk and show off their creativity. Bring that artistry inside and watch little chicks decorate eggs again and again. 

    Use two coats of chalkboard paint ($9; to create eggs you can draw on with chalk or colored pencils!

  • Easter bunnies made from clothespins - crafts
    Kim Kuhn

    “Clippity” Hoppity Cuties
    Kids will love giving these clothespin bunny crafts their very own personalities.

    Paint a wooden clothespin ($4; white. Create bunny's inner ears by cutting washi or double-sided tape into ear shapes and then dusting with glitter. Make the body by cutting two small pear shapes out of stiff white felt and gluing to the front and back of the clothespin. Glue a small pink pom-pom and pieces of floral wire to the front of the clothespin to create a nose and whiskers. Lastly, decorate and personalize with buttons or washi tape.

  • Glitter-decorated Easter eggs
    Kim Kuhn

    Brilliance for Your Easter Egg Hunt
    Go ahead and get a little glam this Easter holiday. No egg will be left unfound in the neighborhood hunt when they shimmer and shine in the light, like these do. 

    Cover eggs with Glue Dots ($11;, then place in a shallow bowl filled with fine glitter. Roll egg until you cover all Glue Dots in glitter, then remove. Use a paintbrush to remove any excess glitter from between the dots. To create glitter stripes, cut some double-sided tape into thin strips and apply to eggs. Cover strips in glitter using the same process.

  • Colorful Mexican cascarones filled with confetti
    Kim Kuhn

    Celebrate Me-eggs-ican Tradition
    Give these traditional confetti-filled eggs, called cascarónes, a try. Young and old alike will enjoy chasing others around in an attempt to “strike” their target and watch the egg burst.

    Gently tap the top of a raw egg to remove a small piece of shell. Pour the egg into a bowl and refrigerate for later use. Carefully wash and dry the eggshell, then dye in the desired color. Once the dye has dried, fill the egg with brightly colored shredded paper, glitter ($5;, or a mix of both. Cut a piece of tissue paper just large enough to cover the hole in the egg and glue in place.

  • Decorative Easter baskets made from cardboard boxes, paper, and pipe cleaners
    Kim Kuhn

    Not Your Customary Easter Basket
    Let your bouncing bunny showcase their personality while they search high and low for unseen eggs. Cardboard boxes score a mod makeover to become the perfect egg-hunt accessory.

    Use double-sided tape or a glue stick to wrap a small packing box or sturdy gift box with colorful paper. Use ribbon or decorative trim to cover the top and bottom edges of the box, if desired. To create the basket handle, twist two pipe cleaners together, then cover tightly with ribbon. Use scissors to poke holes on either side of the box carefully, then thread the handle ends through each hole and bend upward to secure. Cut bunny shapes out of stiff felt ($9; and glue over handle ends for added stability.

  • Easter crafts - Styrofoam egg carton that looks like baby chicks
    Kim Kuhn

    When Wondering What To Do, Wing It
    Patterned papers in fresh colors help these adorable egg-carton birds take flight. Watch youngsters as they enjoy creating and reusing at the same time. A win-win.

    Cut a Styrofoam egg carton into sections. These will become the bodies of your birds. Use patterned paper ($5; to create wings and tails, and glue them to egg-carton sections. Cut beaks out of orange cardstock and use glue to attach. Draw eyes on cartons with black marker.

  • Animals made out of plastic Easter eggs
    Kim Kuhn

    Zoo It Yourself
    From feathered friends to swimming sea creatures, your child will go wild for these cute animals. Not only that, you can keep these adorable animals on display year-round. 

    Use buttons, googly eyes and permanent black marker to create animal faces on plastic eggs ($7; Use felt, pipe cleaners and more buttons to decorate each egg accordingly. Glue decorative paper and embellishments to cardboard toilet-paper tubes that have been trimmed to the desired height to make stands for each pet.

  • Easter crafts - Characters made out of eggs
    Kim Kuhn

    Create An Egg-cellent Cast of Characters
    Whether your child wants to make all members of his or her family or cares to construct each character of a favorite fairytale, there’s no end to the possibilities with this craft. Watch your child’s imagination unfold with each egg-celent Easter guest.

    Paint or draw faces on brown eggs using a black marker. Use decorative papers, washi tape ($10;, buttons, fabric scraps and ribbons to decorate each egg. To make egg “bodies,” glue decorative paper and embellishments to cardboard toilet paper tubes that have been trimmed to the desired height.