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Everyday Calorie Burning Tasks

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    You may not be getting to the gym and your hand weights may be collecting dust, but lugging kids around is no small feat, Mama! In fact, carrying an infant for half an hour burns 126 calories.

    Here, the number of calories you burn going about your everyday business. (All figures based on 30 minutes of activity for a 150-pound woman.)

    Carrying an infant: 126 calories

    Feel better about your post-baby body!

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  • Cooking: 108 calories
  • Housework: 99 calories
  • Gardening: 184 calories
  • Putting away groceries: 90 calories
  • Pushing a stroller: 90 calories
  • Sex: 144 calories
  • Walking/playing with kids: 135 calories
  • Packing a suitcase: 72 calories
  • Hang-gliding: 99 calories
  • Playing guitar: 108 calories
  • Ping-pong: 135 calories