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Bloggers’ Favorite Parenting Moments

  • Courtesy of Allison McDonald

    “Just a breath ago, my four-year-old learned to walk. In a few months no matter how hard I try to slow time down, he will go to kindergarten. Last week we went to kindergarten orientation where he practiced riding on the school bus, like he’ll do every day starting in August. As I watched him riding the bus, he seemed so big, and I wanted to capture the moment. One day, I’m sure I'll look back at this photo and realize how small he really was.” 

    —Allison McDonald of No Time For Flash Cards

  • Courtesy of Rachelle Doorley

    “My youngest daughter, an ambitious one-year old, wanted to ride her trike like a big girl. Which meant I pushed her along while she “rode.” Four blocks into the ride, she spotted some beautiful maple leaves, abandoned her trike, pulled herself to the ground, and much to her big sister’s dismay, started a leaf collection. We lingered with the leaves. Eventually, we headed back home, our baskets filled with red, yellow, and green leaves. I took this photograph to capture the moment in which the awe of nature filled my youngest daughter’s face. It has to begin sometime. It began that day.”

    —Rachelle Doorley of TinkerLab

  • Courtesy of Allison Waken

    “My oldest had NO interest in learning to tie his shoes in Kindergarten. First grade came and went—no shoe tying. Unexpectedly, when second grade started, he decided it was time to learn. So I tried every possible trick and rhyme to teach him but nothing worked. One day, we were getting ready to go somewhere when I looked over and saw him on the floor, tongue out of his mouth, tying his shoe. Just like that. He was so proud. It was a perfect moment of rewarded perseverance.”

    —Allison Waken of All For the Boys

  • Courtesy of Dave Taylor

    “Being a single dad with three kids, 8, 11, and 15, there's always an amazing moment just around the corner; though to be fair, sometimes it masquerades as a challenge. Still, with a sense of humor, a healthy sense of the importance of everyday hiccups and a foundation of mutual love and respect, we seem to muddle through. My favorite moments are the childhood artifacts, the things the kids leave for me to find in some sort of cosmic reimagining of the quests of Indiana Jones. Like this morning, when I opened up our new carton of eggs to find my 8-year old daughter had left her mark . . . for me to discover. Fortunately, the eggs tasted just fine and, rather amazingly, weren't broken or cracked.”

    —Dave Taylor of Go Fatherhood and Ask Dave Taylor

  • Courtesy of Crissy Page

    “In honor of my son Evan's 2nd birthday, my husband and I took him on his first trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio. Evan's first glimpse of the manatee exhibit overwhelmed him. With a little support and encouragement from his father, he soon walked up to the tank on his own, fears left behind, excited by the bright colors, the beautiful fish, and the enormous manatees. Six months later, Evan still remembers this day and asks about the manatees. Perhaps something about overcoming his fear, and finding the beauty in these creatures, stayed with him this whole time. And with me, too.”

    —Crissy Page of Dear Crissy

  • Courtesy of Jamie Reimer

    Three-and-a-half-year old Henry surprised me one day at his chalkboard. He picked up a piece of chalk and wrote his name! We haven’t focused on writing at home so I never imagined he knew how to do it. Not only did he impressme with his ability to write the letters of his name but, he knew the order, and wrote in left-to-right direction. What an amazing moment!”

    —Jamie Reimer of Hands On: As We Grow

  • Courtesy of Ann Marie Detavernier

    “This is day Daddy comes home! My kids, Jacob, William, and Madeline, wait, filled with anticipation. When the music starts to play a little louder, the crowd begins to cheer, and my children strain to look for any sign of movement. And, soon it’s really true. Daddy is home. There’s nothing like watching my children at this most special moment.”

    —Ann Marie Detavernier of Household 6 Diva

  • Tara Ziegmont

    “It drives me crazy when my kids fight. The 13-month-old is the aggressor. She attempts to take whatever toy her 4-year-old sister is enjoying and madness ensues. This happens at least seventeen times each day. Yesterday, I was holding one child, when the other approached. I braced myself for the fracas. But instead, my daughter sat down next to us, put one arm around my neck, the other around her sister's and squeezed. We hugged, rocked, and giggled for many long minutes. It was perfect. And it made every sibling squabble forgotten.”

    —Tara Ziegmont of Feels Like Home

  • Courtesy of Nichole L. Smith

    “It was my birthday—another year older with more gray hair on my head. To top it off, it was a rainy day, and I had no birthday plans. Through the kitchen window, I watched my 5-year old son play outside, stomp in the driveway puddles with great delight. As he splashed happily, I remembered that life is about enjoying the small things like the wonder of puddles. It turned out to be the best birthday I've ever had: a day of stomping in puddles with my son.

    —Nichole L. Smith of The Guilty Parent and Chaos in the Country

  • Courtesy of Stacie Haight Connerty

    “My daughter Laurel, born with a heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot,) had open heart surgery at 4 months old. Just four years later, I watch as she masters pumping on our backyard swing. And I count myself lucky to share the moment with a happy, healthy girl.”

    —Stacie Haight Connerty of The Divine Miss Mommy

  • Courtesy of Michelle Sybert

    “She looked high up to the twirling whirling chairs, let out a little breathless giggle, and said, ‘I want to do it.’ It wasn’t the first time she rode a theme park ride, but it was the first time without me. Unprepared for her sudden burst of independence, I will never forget that moment and my a-ha—my little girl was not so little anymore.”

    —Michelle Sybert of Muffin Tin Mom


  • “Each winter over the last few years, we have traveled as a family to ski in Colorado. With boys ages 6, 8, and 10, I have spent the majority of my time on the bunny hill teaching them to ski. (Not my perfect restful vacation to be sure.)

    Tips together!

    Slow down!


    But this winter was different; as I looked at my 6-year-old sitting next to me on the chairlift, I didn't see another lesson for me to teach, I saw a ski companion.”

    —Holly Homer of June Cleaver Nirvana

  • Courtesy of Melissa Atkins Wardy

    “My daughter was just over two years old when she spotted this rope ladder on a playground. I told her she was much too small to do it. But, she ignored me, ran to the ropes, and began a very determined climb straight to the top, not looking back once. When she reached the 15-foot high platform, she dusted off her hands, and triumphantly turned to give me a thumbs-up. She sure showed me, and I won’t underestimate her again.”

    —Melissa Atkins Wardy of Pigtail Pals

  • Courtesy of Jean Van’t Hul

    “The day I took this photo, my toddler, Daphne, poked uncooked spaghetti into a ball of playdough, sculpting carefully. A few moments later she looked at me, pointed to her spiky creation, and said, ‘I made that, Mommy.’ I watched the joy of a job well done on her face and I, too, was filled with happiness to see my daughter fully engaged in exploration and creative discovery. ‘Yes, you did,’ I answered back. ‘Yes, you did.’”

    —Jean Van’t Hul of The Artful Parent