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Fresh Family Tree Ideas


    Slice of Life - 7 Generations

    A great conversation-starting work of art, this print doubles as a display of your ancestry. This 16" x 20" chart is professionally printed on acid-free watercolor paper with a matte finish; ready for framing.

    Slice of Life - 7 Generations, $120.00, available at


    Bunny Family Throw Pillow Cover

    Been breeding like, well, bunnies over the last few years? This 100% cotton pillow cover is customizable and adds a personalized touch to your family room. Stitch in your family’s name, important dates, and even total population.

    Bunny Family Throw Pillow, $39.95, available at


    Peacock 5 Generation Family Tree

    You’re proud as a peacock of your brood, so display them with this charming print.  For ancestry enthusiasts, you can go back as far as five generations.

    Peacock 5 Generation Family Tree, $69.00, available at


    4 Generation Descendant Custom Family Tree

    Loved ones names make up the roots, trunk, and leaves of this elegant take on the family tree. You have the choice to create yours on canvas or as a print.

    4 Generation Descendant Custom Family Tree, $59-99.00, available at


    Family Tree Personalized Photograph

    Etch the names of your loves into a tree without carving a thing! There’s plenty of room for names to be digitally chiselled into the tree’s trunk. 

    Family Tree Personalized 8x10 Inch Matted Photograph, $34.00, available at


    Custom Family Tree

    This handscreen-printed family tree is a one-of-a-kind piece made just for you.  You can chose how many leaves you would like to add to the stump stamped with family members’ name or initials. 

    Custom Family Tree, $30.00, available at


    Silhouette Family Tree

    This vintage-y print features each family member's name and old-fashioned silhouette. Choose from 25 available silos, or have them create a custom version from photos.

    Silhouette Family Tree- 4 Generations, $45.00, available at


    My Family Pillow

    This comfy pillow cover cleverly depicts your family members with whimsical characters stitched into organic-cotton-hemp fabric.  You can even include Fido, because he's part of the family too.

    My Family Pillow, $168, available at


    Pearhead Family Tree Frame

    Simple and chic, this family tree collage frame is a sweet gift for a new baby.  Easily switch old photos out as your family grows, or keep the originals displayed to show off your favorite memories. 

    Pearhead Family Tree Frame, $24.95, available at


    Family Tree Initial Necklace

    We love how this dainty hand-crafted family tree initial necklace goes with everything, so you never have to take it off. The single stick is solid sterling silver with the texture of a real twig; the charms hangs on a 17’’ sterling oxidized cable chain.

    The Original Family Tree Necklace , $75.00, available at


    Family Tree-Custom Art Print 

    Fully personalize this family tree print with any quote you like.  Hearts represent those you hold dear, and the colors can be customized to whatever scheme Grandma likes.

    Personalized Family Tree-Custom Art Print, $35.00, available at


    Family Tree Plate

    Delicate and refined, this 12’’ hand-painted ceramic plate makes a charming heirloom gift.  Each plate features a one-of-a-kind design, so you might want to hang it on the wall instead of eating from it.

    Family Tree Plate, $120.00, available at