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5 Fun Exercise Moves for You and Your Child

  • Toe Taps
    Place the ball about a foot in front of your child and have him bounce from side to side toe-tapping the top of the ball, alternating as quickly as possible between the left and right feet. For an extra challenge, compete to see who can toe tap the quickest and longest.

    Add a Twist

    Challenge your kid to continue in a circular motion around the ball in a 360 degree fashion, which makes for a tougher workout (and more laughs!)

    Eat Healthy Trick

    Offer your child a sweet and simple glass of cool water. Unlike flavored water, it's the only drink that can satiate her thirst and hydrate her body. For a flavor punch, add a slide of lemon, orange or lime. And to make guzzling the H20 fun, serve it up in a water bottle—it's fun to squeeze (and maybe even have a mini water fight.)

  • Throw Ins
    Start by bending your elbows and placing the ball behind your head. Jump forward with both feet and throw the ball to your child, then jump back, keeping your feet together. Once he catches the ball, tell them to reach back behind their head with the ball and return it to you in the same throwing position.

    Add a Twist

    Allow the ball to bounce once midway through the throw, or ask your child to take a big step backwards after each catch.

    Eat Healthy Trick

    To get your kids to gobble their veggies, take a tip from the Dominican Republic: add a bit of minced garlic to enhance the flavor and boost their immunity.

  • Dribble Bounce
    Tap the ball back and forth between the inside of your feet while hopping on your toes quickly. Every 3 sets, pass the ball to your child to keep the ball (and your child!) moving.

    Eat Healthy Trick

    Working hard might make kids hungry for greasy fast food, so try this simple recipe from Latin American cookbooks instead: Place a few slices of turkey on whole wheat bread with onions, whole-leaf basil or salad leaves, green peppers, tomatoes or avocado slices. Sprinkle some seasoning (like oregano or cumin) on top and warm it up on the skillet with a few drops of olive oil. And don't forget, fruit makes a sweet and nutritious dessert.

  • Jump Lunges
    Hold the ball high above your head and put one foot in front of the other while lunging down. Extend as high as you can, then switch sides and lead with the other foot. Have fun getting competitive by seeing who can jump the highest or who can go the longest without toppling over.

    Eat Healthy Trick:

    Try serving dinner (for your child and yourself) with smaller plates so your meal will look larger and more filling.

  • Kettle Ball Jump
    Holding the soccer ball behind your head, crouch down and jump up, extending your arms forward as if you were going to throw the ball forward. Use your legs and shoulder to jump as high as you can.

    Eat Healthy Trick

    If you're child has been having trouble sleeping, you may be able to blame them on sweets, which can cause nightmares. Before bed choose a healthy snack like peanut butter on fruit. And during tooth brushing, get your child to go up and down on his tippie toes to sculpt those calves.

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