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Fun Photo Activities

  • Annie Leibovitz does these activities with her 5-year-old twins! Okay, we don't know that, but she should -- she'd have a blast. And so will you if you give these sharp ideas a shot.

    Shoot the Art

    Instead of saving your kid's crumbling clay creation or messy finger painting, take a digital photo of it. You save space while still documenting her journey as an artiste.

  • Family Portrait

    Can't get the whole gang to sit for a family photo? Have your child draw stick-figure pics of everyone, then let him cut out the heads of all of you from old photos and paste them on.

  • Shutterstock

    Birthday Beauty

    Clip photos of your child from the past year to a long piece of string, then swag it between walls so partiers can see how far she's come since her last birthday bash.

  • Stick 'em up

    Glue a photo of your child's choosing to a piece of cardboard that's slightly bigger than the photo. "Frame" it with twigs collected together from the yard and glue them on.
  • Give Mom a Mustache

    Gather outtakes you don't need and let the kids go to town giving you horns and facial hair. Post them on the fridge to show you're a good sport.
  • Face Time

    Fill a cheapie photo album with images of family and friends who live far away. Flip through it daily with your kid so that the next time Auntie Karen visits, her face will be familiar.